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We introduce Slovenia and the world to you through the eyes of acclaimed authors. Browse the online archive of Adria Airways’ multiple award winning In-Flight Magazine, a publication that has been helping our passengers pass the time for the last two and a half decades. In December 2014 the Adria Airways In-Flight Magazine underwent a redesign with the introduction of a new content platform under the common name of OnAir. Content from the Adria OnAir Magazine is available on the new OnAir Magazine website.

A well-thought-out editorial concept, high-quality photographs, carefully chosen stories and a recognisable visual identity have consolidated the reputation of this bilingual publication, which has long long since developed into something more than a mere airline magazine. Over its 25 years of publication OnAir Magazine has established itself as one of the most attractive tourism publications on the market. It has also found regular readers outside aircraft cabins and has become a flag-waver for Slovenian tourism.

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