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Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility and social issues

Adria is aware of its wider social responsibilities and the value of mutual cooperation. We cultivate and strengthen our relationship with the community through donations and sponsorship activities.

Through our activities we maintain a responsible attitude to the social environment in which we operate, contribute to development at the local and national levels and, last but not least, bring our services to those who do not have easy access to them.

We collaborate with and assist various groups, institutions and individuals with whom we share common values:

  • Humanitarianism: we participate in UNICEF’s Change for Good campaign to help children in developing countries and in humanitarian campaigns to help socially disadvantaged children and families.
  • Health: as donors, we have also worked together with the Ljubljana Institute of Oncology, the Slovenian Caritas, the Red Cross of Slovenia, the Paediatric Neurology Institute, the Society for Kidney Patients and the Slovenian International Ladies Association (SILA). For many years we have also sponsored the Medical Chamber of Slovenia.
  • Sports: we collaborate with the Slovenian Olympic Committee and we provide financial support to Slovenian athletes.
  • Culture: as a sponsor we help numerous Slovenian cultural institutions and projects such as the Ljubljana Festival, Lent Festival, the International Biennial of Graphic Arts and Imago Slovenia.

We collaborate with and assist various groups, institutions and individuals with whom we share common values.

Environmental protection

We actively work towards continuously reducing fuel consumption, gas emissions and noise. Our fleet is in compliance with environmental requirements and other ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) requirements. As a sponsor, we also cooperate with the Institute of Ecology.

Information on CO2 emissions on Paris (CDG) – Ljubljana (LJU) and Ljubljana (LJU) – Paris (CDG) services

France's Grenelle Act requires transport companies to inform the users of their services about CO2 emissions related to transport. The Act applies to all transport services that originate or terminate at a French airport.
In accordance with the Grenelle Act, Adria Airways provides CO2 emissions information for the following services originating or terminating in France: Paris (CDG)–Ljubljana (LJU) and Ljubljana (LJU)–Paris (CDG).
The CO2 emissions information provided by Adria Airways represents an estimate and is for information purposes only.



CO2 emissions/passenger (kg) for the flight

Consumption of kerosene/passenger (in litres)

CO2/passenger emissions (in kg) for the production and distribution of kerosene

Total emissions CO2/passenger (kg)

One-way flight

945 km


61 or 6.5 l/100km



Round-trip flight

1890 km


122 or 6.5 l/100km



About our data:
•    Flights are operated by Adria Airways.
•    Data shown are for direct flights.
•    Data are for one-way and round-trip flights.
•    Calculations are based on information from the online calculator of France's Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC), as directed by Grenelle Act guidance material. Adria Airways assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information or the methodology used to estimate CO2 emissions.
•    Estimates are for the air transport portion from airport to airport and do not include any land transport.

Care for passengers

All of us at Adria Airways are aware that our key mission is to offer our passengers safe flights. We are guided by a safety culture that dictates that all Adria Airways employees must contribute to safety through their work. Just as we can boast a half-century tradition of transporting passengers, we can also boast an equally long tradition of ensuring the safety and maintenance of our fleet. That is why our work incorporates numerous safeguards with the help of which Adria Airways looks after your safety.

Care for employees

Adria Airways offers you a working environment that is full of challenges and allows you to acquire new skills and progress both professionally and personally.

Every year we help implement 25 international medicine, culture, law, business, electronic media and marketing conventions.