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Special meals on Adria flights

Special meal order

Food is a very important part of the daily life of every one of us, and for this reason we rarely turn down a request for a special meal. We have prepared a wide selection of special meals for vegetarians, infants, children, diabetics and lactose-intolerant passengers, along with a range of other appetising meals.

It can happen that travel agents or passengers fail to observe the rules that are essential for ensuring that the meal request makes its way correctly through the booking system. It is therefore a good idea to remember certain rules that will ensure that the meal you have ordered is waiting for you aboard your flight:

  • Submit the request in good time – at least 48 hours before departure or when booking your flight.
  • Ask your ticket vendor to tell you about the types of special meals offered by Adria Airways.
  • Request notice of confirmation/refusal of your special meal request from your ticket vendor. On some flights, requests for special meals can be refused because of the nature of the flight or the service provided on board.
  • If your special meal request is refused, discuss other possible suitable meals with your ticket vendor.
  • Be especially careful when making any kind of change to your booking – it is a good idea to ask the ticket vendor for reconfirmation of your special meal.
  • If your special meal request is confirmed, you should also inform the cabin crew of this.
  • If something goes wrong with your request and your meal does not arrive, please talk to the cabin crew so that we can establish where the mistake has occurred and rectify it.
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Abbreviation Name of meal
AVML Asian Vegetarian Meal
BBML Baby/Infant Meal
BLML Bland Meal
CHML Child Meal (ages 2 to 12)
DBML Diabetic Meal
FPML Fruit Plate (fresh seasonal fruit)
GFML Gluten-Free Meal
HNML Hindu Meal (no beef)
KSML Kosher Meal
LCML Low Calorie meal
LFML Low Cholesterol/Low Fat Meal
LSML Low Sodium/Low Salt Meal
MOML Muslim Meal (no pork, no game)
NLML Non-Lactose Meal
RVML Raw Vegetarian Meal
SFML Sea Food Meal
SPML Special meal not covered by existing code, e.g. only cheese and grapes
VLML Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Meal
VGML Vegetarian Non-Dairy/Egg (Vegan) Meal
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