Cabin Crew

Our cabin crew

Settle into your seat and enjoy the flight. Our cabin crew will look after the rest. Our highly professional cabin crew ensure a pleasant atmosphere aboard the aircraft and thanks to their training you will be in safe hands throughout the flight.

Friendly flight attendants will help you find your seat, stow your hand baggage, provide a safety briefing, serve food and drink and offer assistance should you feel unwell.

Knowledge and professionalism

Our cabin crew speak several languages, so communication is never a problem. With their high level of training, good general knowledge, professional appearance and adaptability, our cabin crew are able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding passengers and charter clients. Our cabin crew look after well-being of all passengers and are fully trained to assist special categories of passengers such as children and passengers with special needs.

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Regular training for your safety

Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers, so our flight attendants receive continuous training in the commercial and passenger relations fields. They train regularly for a range of emergency situations, because your safety always comes first.

A pleasant appearance and a friendly smile

It is no secret that our cabin crew wear their uniform with pride. The Adria uniform has always been regarded as one of the more attractive in the colourful global mosaic of airline uniforms. With a pleasant appearance and a friendly smile, we look after your comfort and well-being. Come and see for yourself!

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Our cabin crew greet you with a smile when you board the aircraft and bid you a friendly farewell when you leave it.