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Bombardier CRJ700ER

The Bombardier CRJ700ER is a stretched derivative of the successful CRJ200 regional airliner. It is designed for short- and medium-haul flights and has a range comparable to that of larger aircraft. It is powered by two GE CF34-8C5B1 engines from US manufacturer General Electric. The CRJ700ER in the Adria Airways fleet has 70 seats in a two-class layout that can be adapted to the requirements of a specific flight. The cabin design helps ensure a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere throughout the flight.

Length 32,51 m
Height 7,57 m
Wingspan 23,24 m
Speed 876 km/h
Service ceiling 12,497 m
Range 2,785 km
Number of seats 70/72
Aircraft in use 2x