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Flights to Brac, Croatia

A pearl of the Adriatic

The third-largest island in the Adriatic boasts a long, rich history stretching back to the Late Stone Age. With its lush vegetation and pleasant Mediterranean climate, Brač is best known for its wonderful sandy beaches and sparkling blue sea that attracts visitors from far and wide.

This island of central Dalmatia offers a unique combination of unspoilt nature and opportunities for a great variety of water sports. Windsurfing is by far the most popular, but kitesurfing, diving and sailing are equally attractive. The island's little villages, where numerous apartments and holiday houses are available, are ideal for a break and a unique holiday on the Croatian coast.

Whether you want to relax in the shade of the pines, enjoy a boat trip or simply take a stroll along one of the many footpaths, you are sure to find something to suit you on this island, one of the loveliest in Dalmatia.


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Zlatni Rat

Probably one of the best known beaches in the Adriatic, Zlatni Rat ("Golden Cape") is located in the south of the island and is a symbol of Brač tourism. This elongated shingle cape surrounded by azure water extends for over half a kilometre and is a magnet for windsurfers.

In the shade of the pines

The pine trees that fringe the idyllic beaches across the entire island offer welcome shade for a pleasant afternoon rest. Their delightful fragrance, combined with the salt and the sea, instantly calls to mind carefree summers on the Croatian coast.

Adriatic olive groves

Without the green of the olive trees, the rocky Dalmatian landscape would be bleak and monotonous. The neat plantations mainly consist of indigenous local varieties and tasty olives from the island of Brač are particularly sought after and prized. The sweet-tasting olive oil produced in local presses on the island is an excellent accompaniment to fish dishes and is highly appreciated.

Stamp of the past

The archaeological sites present on Brač tell of the rich history of this fascinating Adriatic island. Caves containing a wealth of remains from the Stone Age and Roman times tell their own stories about the island's past, as do the reliefs carved into the walls by medieval hermits.

Beautiful hidden coves

The island's hidden coves with their unspoilt, natural beaches are a paradise for all who love the sea. The most beautiful, emptiest coves, where the azure water meets the blue of the sky and you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, the lapping of the waves and the smell of the pines in peace and tranquillity, can only be reached by boat.

Vidova Gora

The summit of Vidova Gora (St Vitus's Mount) is 778 metres high and is the highest point on any of the Adriatic islands. A two-hour walk along attractive footpaths through unspoilt countryside will take you from the town of Bol to the summit, from where you can enjoy an endless view over the Adriatic as far as the island of Hvar. The remains of an ancient church are still visible on the summit today.

Delicious cuisine

It goes without saying that food on Brač is delicious and excellent. Freshly caught fish are on the menu of all the restaurants and delicious local Dalmatian specialities are prepared daily by the island's chefs.


This picturesque fishing village on Brač's north coast is surrounded by attractive beaches and shingle coves. Tourism first started developing here between the wars, with the arrival of the first German and Czech tourists, and the village retains its warmth and charm even today. A visit to Postira, whose name derives from the Latin word for pasture, is an excellent idea for a pleasant day out.

Island charm

Brac really comes to life when evening falls. Summer events are frequent and there is a buzzing nightlife, particularly in Bol. Enjoy good music and the relaxed atmosphere of an after-beach party, or visit one of the cocktail bars in the town centre.