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Flights to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Film star of the Balkans

Encircled by high stone walls and full of legends, Dubrovnik is a Mediterranean destination that excites the imagination of travellers from all over the world. Shaped by its rich cultural heritage, it boasts a perfect climate and an unspoilt natural setting. With many attractions for tourists, it has become one of the most popular destinations in this part of Europe. Tucked away in the southernmost part of Croatia, Dubrovnik is one of the priceless jewels of the Adriatic coast.

This attractive and lively city, where the aromas of Mediterranean cuisine fill the air on summer evenings, is full of charming little squares, narrow winding streets and mystery. It is no surprise, then, that it has caught the attention of some of the biggest Hollywood filmmakers. The creators of the eighth episode of the Star Wars saga, fantasy series Game of Thrones and a recent big-budget version of the story of medieval hero Robin Hood have all filmed here, and Dubrovnik has also been chosen as a unique location for a James Bond film.


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City by the sea

The rich history of this symbol of the Adriatic is full of stories of the past. But this ideal summer destination does not only offer rich culture, stunning architecture and great food: it also tempts visitors with its wonderful beaches, located not far from the city centre.

A cable car to the summit

A cable car will take you to the top of Srđ, the hill behind the town, in less than four minutes. From here you can enjoy an unforgettable bird's-eye view of Dubrovnik's Old Town. The cable car, originally built in the late 1960s, is one of the symbols of local tourism. Renovated and reopened eight years ago, it has been restored to its original splendour.

Centuries of history

Though full of visitors, Dubrovnik remains a small seaside city that is best explored on foot. A stroll through its romantic stone streets and a visit to some of the hidden corners of the Old Town, with its countless monuments, is a unique experience full of new and interesting discoveries.

The best of Hollywood

The city has become so popular that it has attracted the interest of numerous Hollywood stars. Year after year, Dubrovnik is transformed into a unique set that hosts filmmakers from all over the world. Scenes from television and film series such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars have been filmed in its streets, while the makers of the latest Robin Hood film also chose Dubrovnik as a location.

Minčeta Tower

Dubrovnik's intact city walls – protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – are almost two kilometres long and are considered among the most beautiful in the world. The Minčeta Tower – the most prominent point in the entire system of fortifications and a symbol of the city's impregnability – offers a unique view of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area.

Onofrio's Fountain

Today a popular gathering place for young people, this fountain was built in 1438 by Neapolitan master builder Onofrio di Giordano della Cava. It was an important part of the town's water supply and, at the time it was built, a remarkable feat of construction.