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Flights to Malmö, Sweden

Flights to Malmö, Sweden

Malmö: a multicultural and environmentally conscious city

Once an important shipbuilding centre, Malmö was hit by a severe recession in the 1980s, with more than 27,000 people losing their jobs practically overnight. Intervention by the Swedish government helped halt the downturn and Malmö has since built a flourishing economy based on science, environmental sustainability and IT. Today the city is experiencing an economic boom.

Despite rapid modernisation, the locals have remained friendly, relaxed and warm (the traits traditionally ascribed to Scandinavians). No wonder the city is also becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Wherever you come from, you will quickly feel at home in Malmö. Hardly surprising, when you consider that more than 100 languages are spoken here and more than 160 different ethnic groups live in the city.

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Malmö and its canals

They give the city a romantic air. Although we cannot call it "the Venice of the North" (this title is already taken by Sweden's capital, Stockholm), Malmö boasts a large number of canals, popular with romantic souls and also with fans of water sports such as kayaking and the increasingly popular stand-up paddleboarding.

Malmö and its cuisine

Sweden is emerging as a new foodie destination. Malmö offers authentic traditional food including must-tries such as pea soup, crêpes, meatballs or the buffet of hot and cold dishes known as "smörgåsbord". And you certainly can't leave Sweden and Malmö without trying a green "Prinsesstårta" (princess cake)!

Must-see attractions when visiting Malmö:

  • Turning Torso: The new symbol of Malmö. Designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, this building has put the city on the world architecture map.
  • Öresund Bridge: After long decades of planning, a road connection was finally built across the Öresund strait between Sweden and Denmark. You can enjoy a wonderful panoramic drive 240 metres above the water across this stunning eight-kilometre bridge, which has brought the Danish capital Copenhagen much closer.
  • Malmö Castle: Once one of the most important fortresses in Denmark (Malmö belonged to Denmark until the sixteenth century), this castle is now the oldest surviving Renaissance stronghold in Scandinavia.
  • City Art Gallery (Malmö Konsthall): If you're a fan of modern art, a visit to Malmö is a must: its art gallery houses one of Europe's largest modern art collections.
  • Big Square and Little Square (Stortorget and Lilla Torg): These squares feature beautiful examples of sixteenth-century buildings, and Lilla Torg in particular is a vibrant area popular with locals and tourists alike.
  • Lund: Just 20 km from Malmö, Lund is an important university town with a tradition stretching back over a thousand years and many enchanting historical buildings. Lund University attracts students from all over Scandinavia and beyond.
  • Helsingborg: This city is 60 km from Malmö and primarily known as one of the oldest cities in Sweden. Your list of places to see should certainly include Sofiero Castle (a former summer residence of the Swedish royal family). The castle is set in magnificent gardens filled with wonderful plants – including around ten thousand rhododendron bushes!

If you're a fan of modern art, a visit to Malmö is a must: its art gallery houses one of Europe's largest modern art collections.