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Flights to Podgorica, Montenegro

Flights to Podgorica, Montenegro

Fly to vibrant Podgorica

An ideal location with a mild climate. Close to the coast and the mountains. Hospitable and friendly people. Podgorica is perfect for a short break or as a base from which to explore Montenegro. Visit Podgorica with us and find out for yourself whether the stories about Montenegrins are true.

Podgorica as a base from which to explore Montenegro

Podgorica is worth a visit for its interesting mixture of old and new, its lively nightlife and its relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere. At the same time the city is an excellent starting point from which to explore Montenegro. Seaside resorts and mountains are only an hour's drive from the city. Take a break on some of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic, in the area around Budva. Visit the largest lake in the Balkans – Lake Skadar (also known as Lake Scutari). One of the most visited attractions in Montenegro, the impressive seventeenth-century Ostrog monastery, is less than an hour from Podgorica.

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Podgorica for urban travellers

Discover all that the city has to offer. Podgorica's modern Nova Varoš or Centar district lies between the Morača and Ribnica rivers. This is where you will find most shops and restaurants and where the city's lively nightlife is concentrated.  Stara Varoš is the original, old part of the city, south of the confluence of the rivers. Although the city was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, you can still see the Clock Tower, surrounded by a small square, the old city walls and two small mosques. Just a kilometre away, across the Morača, is Podgorica's modern business district – Novi Grad.

Podgorica for entertainment and shopping

Sitting in cafés is a popular pastime in Podgorica. Most of the newer cafés and bars are in the newer part of the city. For lunch, choose one of the many restaurants or enjoy a picnic in Mareza, on Lake Skadar or on Gorica Hill. If you enjoy shopping, Podgorica offers numerous boutiques – but beware of counterfeits when shopping for well-known fashion brands. Many premium brands have their own stores in the Vektra and Maxim neighbourhoods in the new part of the city. Podgorica also has a number of shopping malls, the largest of which is Delta City.

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When travelling to Podgorica do not miss:

  • Stara Varoš: the old Turkish town with narrow winding streets, two mosques and the old Clock Tower.
  • Clock Tower: one of the few surviving remains of the Ottoman period, an eighteenth-century tower from which Muslims were called to prayer.
  • St George's Church: this tenth-century church at the foot of Gorica Hill is Podgorica's oldest and most beautiful.
  • King Nicholas's Castle: a museum surrounded by a park.
  • Turkish Baths: the largest surviving Turkish baths complex in Podgorica is today hidden away below the New Bridge and has been converted into a cultural centre.
  • Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: a modern church built to resemble a ship.
  • Millennium Bridge: an impressive 140-metre-long cable-stayed bridge spanning the Morača river.

For centuries Podgorica has been a crossroads of routes and people, a city where old meets new and the traditional meets the modern.