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Flights to Pristina, Kosovo

Flights to Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina – where the old meets new

A mosque from the Middle Ages or the unusual University Library from the twentieth century. Pristina remains a city of contrasts between old and new. You will be surprised by its vibrant atmosphere, the friendliness of its people and the quality of its hospitality. Fly with us to the capital and largest city of the Republic of Kosovo.

Pristina for urban travellers

The city centre is easily manageable on foot. Begin your visit at the giant statue of Bill Clinton on the boulevard of the same name. Walk past the university to the Grand Hotel and stop at the Skanderbeg Monument in front of the new Parliament building. Discover the history of the city in the old quarter, where you will find the medieval mosque and marketplace. If you are looking for a souvenir to take home from Pristina, remember that the Albanians have long been famous for their silverware.

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Pristina for relaxation and entertainment

The people of Pristina are remarkably friendly and Pristina is a truly lively city. If time is no object, stop in one of the many cafés and try the excellent coffee, served with milk the way the locals drink it. For lunch try the delicious grilled lamb specialities. In the evening life moves onto the streets and promenades and into the numerous bars and clubs, where local beer and good company will keep you going on into the night.

Pristina as a base from which to explore Kosovo

Climb up to Gazimestan, the 25-metre-high monument commemorating the Battle of Kosovo, built in the shape of a medieval tower. Visit Gračanica, one of the most beautiful medieval monasteries. Or visit the city of Peja and the natural sights in the surrounding area, or Prizren, the jewel of Kosovo, with its rich cultural history and numerous monuments.

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When travelling to Pristina do not miss:

  • Çarshia Mosque or Stone Mosque: the oldest building in Pristina, it was built by the Turkish sultan Bajazit in the fourteenth century.
  • Emperor's Mosque: built by the Turkish sultan Mehmed II Fatih in the fifteenth century.
  • Emincik House: a typical upper-class oriental-style house from the nineteenth century.
  • University Library: This remarkable building with 73 domes, built in 1982, looks as though it is made of giant Lego bricks covered by a net.
  • Bill Clinton Boulevard: in 2009 a statue of Bill Clinton was erected and this boulevard was named after the former US president as a sign of gratitude for his help in bringing an end to the last war.
  • Skanderbeg Monument: this equestrian statue of the fifteenth-century Albanian hero stands proudly in front of the Parliament.
  • Bazaar: The most vibrant part of Pristina, with the typical atmosphere of Balkan markets, offering everything from fruit and vegetables to spare parts for cars.
  • Germia Park: a popular gathering place for families and young people on the edge of the city. Cool off in the large outdoor swimming pool or relax in the shade of the trees.

Pristina offers more than it might seem at first glance, if you're willing to look a little closer. Discover Pristina with us!