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Flights to Skopje, Macedonia

Flights to Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje – a city where there is always something new

The Old Bazaar, the Kale Fortress, the Stone Bridge over the Vardar and Porta Macedonia, the triumphal arch. Despite its venerable age and turbulent history, the capital of Macedonia is a modern city that is constantly changing its image. Curious to see what Skopje is like today? Fly with us.

Skopje for a walk through history

Evidence of Skopje's rich history is all around: remains of Roman towns, Byzantine churches and monasteries, and the Ottoman bazaar, mosques and caravanserais. The biggest impact on the city's present-day appearance, however, was caused by the destructive earthquake of 1963. Begin your exploration of the city in the Old Bazaar, below the famous Kale Fortress. Stop and admire the Mustafa Pasha Mosque, then cross the Stone Bridge over the Vardar and walk to Macedonia Square, where you cannot miss the giant equestrian statue of Alexander the Great. Discover the history of the city in one of the many museums or on the relief carvings of the new triumphal arch.

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Skopje for fun

Skopje is a city of numerous festivals, among which the Skopje Summer Festival and Skopje Jazz Festival have the longest tradition. The city is particularly lively in the evening, when the locals head for the numerous cafés and bars or, if the weather is fine, to the green City Park. In summer you can relax on deckchairs by the river and, if you are brave enough, even have a swim.

Skopje with the family

The City Park offers relaxation and fun for all the family. A museum, small lakes, tennis courts, an amusement park, a zoo and numerous cafés and restaurants mean that you will never be bored. Skopje is also an excellent starting point for day trips. Drive to Matka Gorge or climb Mount Vodna. The wonderful green surroundings of the city, with picturesque hills, are just begging to be explored.

Skopje 2

When travelling to Skopje do not miss:

  • Warrior on a Horse: the imposing statue of Alexander the Great stands in the middle of Macedonia Square.
  • Mother Teresa Memorial House: this recently built complex is close to the site of the house where Mother Teresa was born.
  • Kale Fortress: the impressive walls built by the Emperor Justinian have been pulled down and rebuilt several times.
  • Stone Bridge: this bridge with 13 arches connecting the main square and the Old Bazaar is today one of the proud symbols of the city.
  • Porta Macedonia: this triumphal arch decorated with marble reliefs is dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of Macedonian independence.
  • Çifte Hamam: these former Turkish baths from the fifteenth century are today an art gallery.
  • Mustafa Pasha Mosque: one of the most beautiful Turkish buildings in Macedonia, this fifteenth-century mosque stands above the Old Bazaar.
  • Kapan Han, Suli Han and Kurşumli Han: three Ottoman caravanserais (inns for traders) from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the area of the Old Bazaar.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art: an impressive collection of works by great artists, most of them donated.

Skopje is a friendly city in which you will find everything from ancient mosques to modern bars and a vibrant nightlife.