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Flights to Tirana, Albania

Flights to Tirana, Albania

Tirana – a mirror of modern Albania

In a city halfway between Rome and Istanbul, Mediterranean charm blends with Oriental mystique and the old meets the new. Albania has always been something special. Fly with us to Tirana, the capital of Albania.

Tirana for urban travellers

In a short time Tirana has transformed itself from a drab city into a vibrant and colourful capital that is well worth a visit. Literally. The once grey socialist architecture has come to life in new, vivid colours. The traffic is chaotic – famously so – so be careful when crossing the street. A walk through the city begins in Tirana's main Skanderbeg Square, off which all the main sights can be found. End your tour on Mount Dajti, accessible by cable car, and enjoy a panoramic view of the city If you have time to spare and the time of year is right, we suggest a trip to one of the nearby seaside towns.

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Tirana for lovers of history and culture

Tirana is a city of contrasts. Centuries-old mosques stand opposite modern churches. The broad streets are lined with architectural and cultural monuments from the Ottoman, Italian and Communist periods of the city's history. Discover the history of Albania in the National Historical Museum and the Museum of Archaeology. Not far from the museums, you can go up the 35-metre Clock Tower, dating from the early nineteenth century. Facing it is the eighteenth-century Et'hem Bey Mosque. For a total contrast, visit the new St Paul's Cathedral.

Evening strolls in Tirana

In the evening you can stroll along the main streets, sample burek, a local speciality, and have a drink in one of the many popular bars. The trendy Blloku district is popular with all generations, who come here to shop by day and to relax in its many cafés, bars and parks in the evening. The music booming from the nightclubs is further proof that Tirana is a vibrant and happening city.

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When travelling to Tirana do not miss:

  • Skanderbeg Square with its equestrian statue: the centre of the city, around which you will find all of Tirana's most important sights.
  • Clock Tower: the symbol of the city offers a good view of the square.
  • Et'hem Bey Mosque: a famous eighteenth-century mosque.
  • National Gallery: An impressive collection of works of art from the thirteenth century to the modern era.
  • National Historical Museum: inside this building, which has a giant mosaic above its main entrance, you will find a comprehensive overview of Albanian history.
  • The former Enver Hoxha Museum: this pyramid-shaped building is today a cultural centre.
  • St Paul's Cathedral: this modern Catholic church features wonderful stained-glass windows.

After the death of the Communist leader Enver Hoxha, Tirana began to take on a new, more attractive image.

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