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Flights to Zurich, Switzerland

Flights to Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich – entertainment and shopping capital

Switzerland is not only a country of exquisite chocolate, great cheeses and precision timepieces. Zurich – Switzerland's largest city and financial centre – is the perfect destination for those who love entertainment, modern art and shopping. Fly to friendly, clean and orderly Zurich, consistently ranked as the city with the highest standard of living in the world.

Zurich for city explorers

View the city from the terrace of the Lindenhof. Stroll along the shores of Lake Zurich. Visit the delightful workshops and boutiques of the Old Town. See the Grossmünster and Fraumünster churches with their beautiful stained-glass windows. Admire works by some of the world's greatest artists at the Kunsthaus. And don't forget to try some delicious rösti (a Swiss classic made with fried potato), cheese fondue and wickedly good chocolate pralines.

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Zurich for fun

The once quiet and reserved financial centre of Switzerland is becoming an increasingly lively city. Zurich has more than 500 clubs and bars in which to party until dawn. Every year the city hosts the Street Parade, Europe's biggest open-air techno and rave party. Join other young pleasure-seekers in the Zürich-West district. With its trendy bars and clubs, this former industrial area sets the rhythm for the city.

Zurich for art lovers

The city, famous for opera, ballet and classical concerts, is also home to more than 50 museums and 100 art galleries. The Kunsthaus houses the largest collection of modern art in Zurich, with works by Giacometti, Picasso, Monet and Chagall. The Foundation E.G. Bührle Collection includes works by Monet, Cézanne and Renoir. Masters of contemporary art await you at the Kunsthalle, while the Rietberg Museum boasts one of the finest collections of Asian art in Europe.

Zurich for shopping

Walk down one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the world, the Bahnhofstrasse, with everything from department stores and designer boutiques to watchmakers and chocolatiers. Niederdorf in the Old Town and Zürich-West are popular with younger shoppers. And then there is the Hauptbahnhof, the main railway station with more than 135 shops open every day of the year.

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When travelling to Zurich do not miss:

  • Grossmünster: this Romanesque church with wonderful stained-glass windows offers a fine view of the city from its tower.
  • Fraumünster: an old Gothic church, formerly a monastery, with famous stained-glass windows by Chagall.
  • St Peter: the oldest church in Zurich is adorned by the largest church clock face in Europe, with a diameter of 8.7 metres.
  • Landesmuseum: the largest museum of Swiss history and traditions.
  • Kunsthaus: one of the most important museums in Switzerland, with the largest collection of modern art.
  • Kunsthalle: alternating exhibitions of works by masters of contemporary art.
  • Zoo: this well-maintained zoo is a great place to visit for families with children.
  • Lindenhof: this hill in the centre of Zurich offers an excellent view of the city.
  • Bahnhofstrasse: one of the most expensive and most exclusive shopping streets in the world.

Zurich is not the capital of Switzerland but it is certainly its capital of fun. Fly with us to the city of fun.

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