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Flights to Kiev

Kiev – A Hidden Jewel of Europe

A vibrant city of magnificent culture and friendly people. Where East meets West and a remarkable history blends with the present.

A culture that respects tradition and a heritage that shapes a unique identity create the unmistakable face of this vibrant city that, once visited, is impossible to forget.




A Modern City

The city's picturesque districts conceal elegant mansions, architectural marvels, Soviet-era statues, art galleries and stunning street art and murals – all in one place.



Parks and Gardens

Kiev is one of the greenest capital cities in Europe. The shade of spreading chestnut trees and flower gardens are an integral part of the city's many green oases.



Cultural Heritage 

Rising high above Kiev are the golden roofs of imposing cathedrals, monasteries and churches. Many of them are inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.



Bessarabka Market

One of the most beautiful markets in the world. As well as a vast range of fresh local produce, it offers a unique insight into the daily life of Kiev's citizens.



Landscape Alley

Full of fantasy figures, Landscape Alley is without a doubt one of the most unusual parks in the city.



River Dnieper 

The Dnieper divides the city into two parts. Popular in summer with urban beach enthusiasts, in winter its snow-covered banks are the perfect place for a stroll.



Shevchenko Park

Named after the eminent Ukrainian literary figure Taras Shevchenko, today the park is popular with retired chess enthusiasts.



Lovers' Bridge

Seal your love with a love lock.



Independence Square

Today more commonly known simply as the Maidan, this square remains a symbol of the Ukrainian revolution.



Slavic Soul

A soul that is similar to our own. Initially somewhat reserved, but when it opens you find warmth and frank simplicity.



Kiev Cake

A sweet masterpiece that will have your licking your fingers.



Local Specialities

Ukraine has a lot of delicious food to offer, including a number of hearty soups, the best known of which is borscht. Potatoes and vegetables (fresh or pickled) are also popular. Chicken Kiev is another speciality.