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Welcome aboard this Adria Airways flight.

For your comfort and convenience we have carefully chosen a range of drinks and snacks to refresh you and keep your taste buds busy during the flight. Please ask the cabin crew about today’s on-board selection. They will be happy to serve you your choice of products from the catalogue.


Cash payment in EUR. The following currencies are also accepted (banknotes only): USD, GBP, CHF.

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  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Diners Club
  • America  Express
  • Karanta
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  • muesli with chocolate and hazelnuts + soya vanilla drink 0.2 ml
  • cheese sandwich (buckwheat roll, Tolminc cheese, smoked cheese, rocket, tomato, herb butter)
  • cup nuddels – spicy vegetable flavour
  • chicken and turkey sandwich (brown bread, chicken spread, turkey breast, cheese, rocket)
  • prosciutto and cheese sandwich (wholegrain roll, Karst prosciutto, smoked cheese, butter, black olives, rocket)
  • chocolate rice cakes
  • croissant


Potica is one of Slovenia's best-known dishes. Traditionally baked for major festivities, it is made with different fillings at different times of the year. Tarragon, chives and curd cheese in spring and early summer. Honey, poppy seeds and dried fruits in late summer and autumn. Typical winter fillings include pork crackling, carob and honey. The most festive potica of all has always been the genuine walnut potica.



This pie comes in many guises. Its shortcrust Linzer pastry case can take practically any filling, from refreshing fruit to luxurious cream, cottage cheese, or chocolate, walnut, hazelnut ...

Allow us to present the Pravljične Pite range: hand-made fairy-tale pies baked for SkyShop by a small family business in Slovenia. They are made from the finest ingredients and contain no additives, stabilisers, flavour enhancers or preservatives.

  • milkaMlecna
    Milka milk chocolate 100 g
  • product 04
    Manner original Neapolitan wafers with hazelnut chocolate cream 75 g
  • product 05
    Twix bar 85 g
  • product 02
    Pringles Original 40 g

Why does it taste so good?


With every purchase of a Puro product you contribute to ensuring a decent life for traditional small producers. Every sip of a fragrant Puro beverage helps conserve the tropical rainforest. To date Puro customers have enabled the purchase of 4200 hectares of tropical forest and the creation of protected areas in Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras and Ecuador.

Every sip counts. That's what makes it so good.


Puro drinks

  • Puro Fairtrade tea (English breakfast, Earl Grey, green tea, rosehip tea, hibiscus tea, camomile tea)
  • Puro Fairtrade hot chocolate
  • Puro Fairtrade decaffeinated coffee
  • Puro Fairtrade coffee
Puro 2

Soft drinks

  • Tonic Schweppes Indian water 0.25 l
  • Coca Cola 0.33 l
  • Coca Cola Zero 0.33 l
  • Red Bull energy drink 0.25 l
  • Fructal 100 % orange juice 0.2 l
  • Fructal pineapple smoothie 0.25 l
  • Fructal ice tea 0.25 l

  • Radenska sparkling water 0.5 l
  • Naturelle still water 0.5 l
  • Aloe vera Nobe 0.5 l
Soft Drinks

Wine and beer

  • Union/Laško beer 0.33 l
  • Srebrna Radgonska Penina sparkling wine 0.2 l
  • Quercus Merlot/Pinot Blanc 0.2 l
Wine and beer

Spirit drinks

  • Jägermeister 40 ml
  • Absolut Blue Label Vodka 50 ml
  • Jack Daniel's 50 ml
  • Chivas Regal 12 Years 50 ml
  • Beefeater London Dry Gin 50 ml


Spirit drinks


Snack and fun for little travellers.

Let the adventure begin!


In the box

  • Fructal Pingo drink 0.2 l
  • Nutella & Go
  • activity book
  • pen
  • sweet surprise