Adria OnAir

Adria OnAir

All passengers on our aircraft now have access to the Adria OnAir Entertainment portal – a new service we have introduced in order to improve our passengers' travel experience. The portal contains a wealth of useful and entertaining content arranged into individual categories for readers to select from as they travel high above the clouds.

How to connect

You can access the portal via your smartphone or tablet. With your device in "flight mode", activate the Wi-Fi connection and select the "Adria OnAir" network. The wireless network is available during all phases of the flight.


Once you have successfully connected to the network, the OnAir Entertainment portal will open automatically. Here you will find information about the current flight, travel tips for the destination you are travelling to, and the Adria SkyShop catalogue. You can also chat with other passengers or relax by playing a game or browsing articles in OnAir Magazine.

The travel tips section contains general presentations of Adria destinations, along with details and points of interest from specific destinations.

SkyShop is Adria's shop above the clouds. Browsing the catalogue is now even quicker and easier, and you will also find exclusive special offers.

Games are a great way for you and your children to pass the time during a flight. Various games are available, some offering fun for all the family and others requiring more skill or luck. Look at the the high score table to find out how you compare with the other players on the flight.

Chat rooms are an increasingly widespread form of communication, which is why we have also included a chat function in the portal. You can choose a group conversation, where you can greet and talk to all passengers aboard the aircraft from the comfort of your seat, or a private chat with a specific person.

During the flight you can also check information about the current flight, the distance from the destination and the estimated time of arrival.

Articles from OnAir Magazine (previously known as Adria In-Flight Magazine) always make interesting reading. The combination of carefully selected topics and excellent photographs has been captivating passengers for years. New articles are added regularly to ensure that the content of the magazine is always fresh. Give it a try and add some variety to your flight.