Baggage allowances

Packing everything you need (and even some things you don't) into suitcases that are always too small and bags that are already overstuffed is never much fun. Let us make it easier for you with our helpful guide to packing.

What is my free checked baggage allowance?

  • Economy class – scheduled flights:1 piece of baggage with total linear dimensions not exceeding 158 cm and a maximum weight of  23 kg.
  • Business class: 2 pieces of baggage with  total linear dimensions  not exceeding 158 cm and a maximum weight of 32 kg each.
  • Scheduled charter flights: 1 piece of baggage with total linear dimensions not exceeding 158 cm and a maximum weight of 23 kg.

Details of different types of free baggage allowance.

If your baggage exceeds the permitted dimensions or weight, you will be charged an Excess baggage fee.

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What is my hand baggage allowance?

You can take one piece of hand baggage in economy class and 2 pieces in business class aboard Adria Airways flights, for example a small travelling bag, a portable computer or a briefcase.

Hand baggage may not exceed the dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm. The maximum permitted weight of hand baggage is 8 kg.

You may also take the following onto the aircraft with you: a coat, an umbrella, a walking stick/crutches, a camera, binoculars, a reasonable quantity of books and magazines, a baby basket or folding pushchair and a suitable quantity of baby food.

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Unaccompanied baggage

Unaccompanied baggage may only be sent as cargo. For information contact our cargo office or, in other countries, our authorised agents. For further information visit our Cargo page.

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Preparing your baggage

We suggest you follow these simple tips when preparing your baggage for a journey:

  • baggage must be visibly and legibly marked with the details of the person travelling (full name and address);
  • label each item of baggage both outside and inside;
  • remove all old labels from previous journeys and the details of the owner of the luggage if different from the person travelling;
  • lock your baggage;
  • if possible, remove all straps and other attachments which could cause your baggage to get stuck or damaged during transport on the baggage conveyor (this applies in particular to backpacks); straps that cannot be removed should be suitably fastened or otherwise protected against damage;
  • do not carry valuable, delicate or fragile items in checked baggage (also known as hold baggage) since these may be damaged and baggage may be lost;
  • valuable items such as money, computers, cameras, mobile phones, jewellery, etc., and also medicines, important travel documents, keys and so on should be carried on the person or placed in hand baggage, in order to avoid additional inconvenience in the case of delayed baggage. The carrier accepts no liability for valuables placed in checked baggage in the case of delay or loss.
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