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Musical instruments

If you are planning to travel with a musical instrument, you should contact Customer Care well in advance, since acceptance is subject to availability. Please contact Customer Care, +386 1 369 10 10.

Musical instruments can be carried either in the passenger cabin or in the hold.

  • In the cabin: small instruments may be carried in the cabin as part of your free hand baggage allowance, provided they fit in the overhead compartment. The permitted dimensions for musical instruments are subject to aircraft type. If the instrument does not fit in the overhead compartment, an extra seat is needed (with an additional cost).
  • In the hold: if a musical instrument is your only piece of checked baggage and corresponds to the free baggage allowance on your ticket,, it can be accepted free of charge. Otherwise it is charged according to the table of  Baggage Allowances and fees.

If the weight of the musical instrument exceeds 32 kg (the maximum dimensions depend on the), it must be transported as cargo. For reservations and information please contact Adria Cargo.

Information applies to flights operated by Adria Airways. Different charges and restrictions may apply on flights operated by our codeshare partners. For more information call us at +386 1 369 10 10.