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Sports equipment

From fishing rods to surfboards

We are happy to accept baggage of unusual shapes and sizes aboard the aircraft, provided the dimensions of the baggage hold allow this.

If an item of sports equipment is your only piece of checked baggage and it fits into the "small" category, it can be accepted free of charge. Otherwise it is charged according to the table of Baggage Allowances and Fees. Passengers planning to travel with sports equipment should contact the airline in advance, since acceptance is subject to availability. Click here to contact Customer Care or call us on +386 1 369 10 10.

Small, medium or large?

Sports equipment fits into one of three categories, depending on weight and dimensions:

  • Small: up to 15 kg and with only one dimension (width or height or depth) up to 140 cm; the other two dimensions must be smaller
  • Medium: from 15 kg to 32 kg and with only one dimension (width or height or depth) between 140 cm and 200 cm; the other two dimensions must be smaller than 140 cm
  • large: from 32 kg to 45 kg and with only one dimension (width or height or depth) between 200 cm and 250 cm; the other two dimensions must be smaller than 200cm

Ski equipment

Ski equipment is defined as a set of equipment consisting of:

  • 1 pair of skis, 1 snowboard or 1 pair of waterskis
  • plus 1 pair of ski poles
  • plus 1 pair of ski boots
  • Plus 1 helmet.

Please note that ski equipment is treated as one piece of sports equipment (small, medium or large) even if carried in more then 1 bag.

Golf equipment

Golf equipment is defined as a golf set containing

  • max. 14 golf clubs
  • max. 12 golf balls
  • a pair of golf shoes.

Do you have frequent flyer status and need to carry golf equipment? Please continue here.

If you are travelling with valuable sports equipment, we advise you to take out additional insurance.

Charges for transport of sports equipment 

The free baggage allowance and excess baggage charges apply to passengers travelling
on an Adria ticket on a direct or connecting flight.

The amounts stated always apply to one-way travel only (if you are also carrying sports equipment
on your return flight, the excess baggage charge also applies to this part of the journey).

Special sports equipment and other equipment (maximum weight/length) 

Price per item – Europe 

Price per item – all other destinations


Small: golf equipment, skis*, snowboard**, water skis, fishing tackle, other equipment (up to 15 kg and/or 1.4 m in length)



Medium: bicycles, tandems, diving equipment, vaulting pole, windsurfing board, kitesurfing 
kite, other equipment (16–32 kg and/or 1.41–2.00 m in length)



Large: windsurfing board with sail, hang-glider, kayak, canoe (33–45 kg and/or 2.01–2.50 m in length)



* One pair of skis/snowboard, one pair of poles, one pair of boots (may be in separate bags), one helmet.

Conditions when travelling with other carriers

If you are travelling with Adria and another carrier on the same ticket ('interline travel'), the following conditions apply:

  • If the published provisions regarding the carriage of baggage are the same for both carriers, these provisions shall apply.
  • If the published provisions are not identical, common provisions shall apply but, where provisions are different, the rules of the Most Significant Carrier (MSC) shall apply.
  • In the case of codeshare flights, the MSC is in most cases the operating carrier.
  • If the MSC does not publish provisions for a specific type of carriage, the provisions of the operating carrier (i.e. the carrier that accepts the baggage at check-in) shall apply.

If the operating carrier does not publish provisions for a specific type of carriage, the rules of the operating carriers shall apply to each flight segment separately.

Always ensure that your baggage is protected against damage and marked with your contact details.

Information applies to flights operated by Adria Airways. Different charges and restrictions may apply on flights operated by our codeshare partners. Please contact Customer Care for detailed rules and regulations: +386 1 369 10 10.