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Travelling with animals

Travelling with animals

If you are planning to travel with an animal, you must inform Customer Care in advance, since acceptance is subject to availability. Transport of an animal is subject to a fee and is not part of your free baggage allowance.

Conditions of carriage for animals

We can arrange safe and comfortable transport for your pets, provided certain conditions are met and safety regulations are followed:

  • The animal you wish to take with you must be in a suitable and secure animal bag / container.
  • You must be in possession of all medical certificates and records of vaccinations, entry permits, transit permits, exit permits and other documents required for animals by states of entry and/or transit.

We can only carry animals if you accept full responsibility for them.

Transportation in the passenger cabin

You may transport a dog or cat in the passenger cabin provided it weighs no more than 8 kg including the pet bag/container. The maximum dimensions of the pet bag/container depend on the aircraft type. 

The pet bag/container must be leakproof and large enough for the animal to turn around and stand up in. 

The pet bag/container must be placed under the seat. It may not be transported on the passenger's seat. 

Only one pet bag/container is allowed per passenger. 

Service animals

Service animals may travel in the passenger cabin. They are accepted free of charge, without restrictions of weight or size. You must inform the airline in advance that you are planning to travel with a service animal, since acceptance is subject to availability.

Transportation in the hold

Any small animal other than a dog or cat (mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, squirrels, etc) must be transported in the hold. Dogs or cats weighing up to 8 kg that would qualify for travel in the passenger cabin may be transported in the hold at the owner's request.

Any animal weighing more than 8 kg (including content) must be transported in the hold.

The number of animals per container: one animal is to be transported in a container, and must be able to stand, lie and move.

Check whether your flights include other carriers and make sure that you meet all their prescribed conditions.

Information applies to flights operated by Adria Airways. Different charges and restrictions may apply on flights operated by our codeshare partners. For more information call us on +386 1 369 10 10.