Delays and cancellations

What to do if your flight is delayed or cancelled

If your flight is delayed or cancelled you should immediately ask staff at the check-in desk for information on your rights.

If you feel that you have been denied your rights, you should apply to the competent authority in the EU state from which you were due to travel. The national authority in Slovenia is the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

If you are travelling from a third country to an EU country with a European carrier, you may submit a complaint in the country of arrival.

Delays and cancellations 1

Your rights in the event of delay or cancellation of your flight

Delays of up to five hours

The carrier is required to provide you with care and assistance in the case of delays lasting:

  • two hours or more for flights of up to 1,500 km,
  • three hours or more for longer flights within the EU or other flights of between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres,
  • four hours or more for flights above 3,500 km outside the EU.

In the case of a delay, passengers are provided with basic care and assistance which includes food and drink, a free phone call and access to e-mail.

Longer delays

If the delay lasts  more than five hours  and you decide not to continue with your journey, you are also entitled to  reimbursement of the cost  of your ticket and a free return flight to the first point of departure.

If a delay of at least one day is expected, you are entitled to free hotel accommodation and transport to the hotel.

If your flight is cancelled, you can choose between a refund of your ticket or re-routing
to your final destination. Depending on the waiting time for the new flight, the carrier must provide you with food and drink and hotel accommodation if necessary. The carrier must refund your ticket or pay compensation within seven days at the latest.

In order to claim the above rights, you must have a confirmed ticket and check in on time.