Delays and cancellations

If your flight is cancelled or the flight delay affects your travel, the airport staff will advise you at which counter or airport area assistance is provided. Adria Airways or its contract partners will assist you with arranging alternative flights and provide appropriate care. 

Depending on the waiting time we provide you with care that includes food and drink, two free phone calls and access to email. If needed, we also provide hotel accommodation and transportation between the hotel and the airport.

Further information regarding Regulation (EC) 261/2004 is available here.

Delays and cancellations 1

Claims must always be sent to the airline which caused the flight irregularities. The legal time frame for the response is 8 weeks from the date the claim was received.

Claims may be sent to Adria Airways via web form.

The authority for overseeing if Regulation (EC) 261/2004 is used correctly is Civil Aviation Agency in Slovenia.

If you travel from a third country to an EU country with a European carrier, the authority for overseeing the use of Regulation is the CAA in the country of arrival. You will find a list of all National Enforcement Bodies responsible for ensuring passenger's rights are being respected under the following link.

Passenger rights are applicable if you hold a confirmed ticket and have checked-in on time.