Travel documents

Check what documents you need

As a passenger, you yourself are responsible for complying with the laws, regulations and travel conditions of the countries you travel through on your way to your final destination.

When planning your journey, always check the expiry date of your identity card or passport and whether you need a visa.

An identity card is sufficient for citizens of Slovenia travelling to EU member states and certain other countries.

Passport and visa

A passport is required for entry to Turkey and the Russian Federation. Don't forget that your passport should be valid for at least a further six months from the date of entry! The Turkish authorities require you to have at least one empty page in your passport for stamps.

To fly to Moscow, you also need a visa (unless travelling on a diplomatic passport).

For detailed information on travel documents and visas, see the list of  embassies and consulates of individual countries, or visit the Slovenian foreign ministry's Visa Information page.

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Airline ticket

Electronic ticket

At check-in you need a passport or identity card and a printed electronic ticket

The electronic ticket or e-ticket (officially known as an Electronic Ticket Passenger Itinerary Receipt) has replaced the old paper ticket. It is available on all our flights. You can buy your e-ticket at our sales offices in Slovenia and abroad, from authorised travel agents and on our website.

It is also possible to check in without a printed e-ticket but we recommend that you have your ticket with you throughout your journey. A printed e-ticket makes it easier to resolve any complications at check-in, when changing a booking, and so on.

It may happen that electronic tickets are not available for flights with partner airlines.

You receive your electronic ticket after booking and paying for your flight.

After booking and paying for your flight, a booking confirmation and itinerary will be sent to your e-mail address along with an e-ticket containing the passenger's surname and forename(s), the number of the e-ticket, the booking number/code, the flight number, the date, the departure and arrival airports, the departure and return dates, the price, and a Warsaw Convention notice.

Our website also allows you to book flights with our partner airlines and in some cases an e-ticket is not available for part of the journey. In this case you will receive a conventional paper ticket for the entire journey – this will either be sent to you by post or you can pick it up at the airport before your flight (on presentation of the computer printout of the booking confirmation/payment confirmation received by e-mail).

We recommend that you print out your e-ticket and keep it with you throughout your journey.

Late or lost ticket?

If after booking and paying for your flight you do not receive an automatic booking confirmation e-mail or have not received your ticket by the day before departure, contact our Reservation and Information Call Centre.

In the event of a ticket not being picked up at Adria Airways offices or the airport, a refund will be processed according to procedure. Depending on the conditions of carriage, of which you were informed when booking and purchasing your ticket, you may not be eligible for a refund.

If you need to cancel your journey, contact our call centre.

If you do not begin the journey or do not use the first coupon of your ticket, the entire journey is automatically cancelled.