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Adria Airways car park in Brnik

Passengers and visitors to Ljubljana Airport can take advantage of low-cost parking in the Adria  car park, located close to the passenger terminal. To access the car park, drive past the Adria Airways offices and follow the signs to the car park. Special offer: 50% discount on all listed car parking prices until further notice. The discount will be automatically applied upon payment.

Parking reservation is not required.

Parking rates
* You can pay with €5, €10, €20, €50 and €100 notes and 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, €1 and €2 coins.
The automated payment machine will give you any change in coins.
First 30 minutes Free of charge
31 mins–2 hours €3.00 , €1.50
2 hours–8 hours €5.00 , €2.50
8 hours–24 hours €10.00 , €5.00
1 day–3 days €10.00 , €5.00 per day
more than 3 days €6.00 , €3.00 each subsequent day
Lost ticket €200.00

Prices valid from 1.3.2016 till further notice.

Parkirišče 2 EN

Getting here – from the Kranj direction

At the turning for the airport (junction with traffic lights), instead of turning right into the airport, go straight on for approximately 500 metres and turn right at the "Servisno območje" sign. After around 300 metres you will see signs for the car park on the right.

Getting here – from the Spodnji Brnik direction

About 500 metres before you get to the airport turning (junction with traffic lights), turn left at the "Servisno območje" sign and proceed as above.

The pasenger terminal is only a few minutes away.

Find the location on the map.

Low-cost parking for visitors to the airport too!

Unbeatable prices at the Adria Airways car park in Brnik