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Adria's website is safe!

Author: Adria Airways

Adria is playing an active part in the fight against credit card fraud.

At the beginning of April we joined officers from the financial crime and money laundering division of Slovenia's national police service and representatives of Banka Koper at the EUROPOL ACTION DAY 2014 initiative, which took place at 68 airports in 32 countries worldwide and saw the participation of 35 airlines, representatives of Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and staff from Europol EC3, law enforcement officers from across the EU, the US Secret Service, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Colombian national police.

The aim of the initiative is to try, alongside the other representatives worldwide, to identify suspicious airline ticket transactions resulting from the use of fake or stolen credit cards. The representatives of Adria Airways acquitted themselves well in their cooperation with the police and the initiative confirmed that adequate procedures are in place at Adria Airways for identifying fraud. More information…