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Adria Airways presents a simple and attractive offer for students and senior citizens

Author: Adria Airways

Made-to-measure fixed-fare offer for students and senior citizens.

Adria Airways is introducing new travel options for two specific target groups, namely students and senior citizens. These two groups have unique expectations, needs and wishes when it comes to travel, so Adria has come up with a simple and attractive offer that is perfect for both groups. 

The special offer for students and senior citizens differs from Adria's general offering in that tickets are available to these two target groups at attractive prices that will not change but will instead remain fixed regardless of demand, cabin occupancy and other factors that otherwise determine the cost of a ticket and as a result of which fares change. 

The offer for students is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 26 (inclusive), with registered student status. The offer for senior citizens is for those aged 62 and over. Members of these groups can buy one-way and return tickets on all direct Adria Airways flights to 25 destinations. In case all seats with special price for students and seniors will be already taken, flight will be available at the next lowest price for a particular destination. Hand baggage is included in the offer. 

"Adria Airways operates the largest network of flights from Ljubljana Airport. Our idea is to use this factor to speak directly to a specific segment of passengers. We want to encourage young people to look for new international experiences during their student years and encourage them to explore the world, broaden their horizons and enrich their lives. This after all is the most valuable gift that we as an airline can give young people," said Adria Airways CEO Holger Kowarsch at the launch of the new offer.

Tickets at attractive prices are already available for purchase online at or mobile application Adria App, that is available to users with devices running on Android and iOS.

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Christian Schneider, Chief Commercial Officer of Adria added: "We want to be the domestic airline that students and senior citizens choose without even thinking about it. Fixed fares, the largest range of destinations from Ljubljana Airport and the fact that the local airport is so handy are all factors that will help us achieve this. By introducing new services we are offering our passengers even more choice and, above all, putting together an offer that is custom-made to meet their wishes and expectations."