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Cooperation with Mercator: »Collect My Brands, choose flights through Europe«

Author: Adria Airways

The biggest adventure of the summer is waiting for 250 lucky shoppers at Mercator centres throughout Slovenia between 14 June and 26 September. In cooperation with Adria, Mercator has prepared a prize game, in which they will give 250 people 2 airline tickets to one of our 22 selected destinations.

For an even more attractive summer and prize-winning game, we took care of our active promotion in selected Mercator centres in order to increase awareness of our brand and to further promote student and senior offers. 

From June to October we will be present in 11 shopping centres, where shoppers will be able to win practical prizes from our selection with some luck. 

You are also welcome to visit us at one of the promotional sites:

15.6. MC Maribor Tabor
22.6. MC Koper
29.6. Mercator Šiška
13.7. MC Celje
21.7. MC Novo mesto Bršljin
25.8. MC Velenje
31.8. MC Nova Gorica
21.9. MC Slovenj Gradec 

20.7. KOPER - first draw
24.8. MARIBOR - second draw
5.10. LJUBLJANA - third draw

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