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Information on the current travel situation

Author: Adria Airways

Dear passengers,

as you are experiencing unpleasant and inconvenient moments because of our travel irregularities we would like at this point sincerely apologize for this situation and explain the cause behind it.

Adria Airways is facing an extensive growth in scheduled operations due to increased market demands.

At the beginning of the year we added 7 new routes to our existing network, resulting in Ljubljana Airport being connected to 25 cities with our direct flights. In addition, we have added more frequencies to our existing routes which mean that we currently operate more than 200 flights a week. 

Expanding our network has led to expanding our existing fleet. In less than half a year we added 3 more aircraft to the fleet to be able to operate all our scheduled operations. We are now operating with a total of 15 aircraft. And from September onwards our operations will be carried out with 21 aircraft since we added additional 6 aircraft to our fleet in second half of the year. This is also the largest number of aircraft in the history of the Slovenian airline. 

Additionally we are wet leasing (aircraft with the crew) services from major airlines to even more optimize our operations and be able to avoid possible travel irregularities. 

We also cannot ignore the facts which are present in the whole aviation industry: the growth of passengers and the number of aircraft that operate flights and the increased number of frequencies across the world. Many Airlines are facing exactly the same problems as Adria Airways and each airline is trying to solve their problems and current challenges the best they can. 

We are intensively working on solutions and reducing the number of irregularities, but unfortunately due to the mentioned objective facts and that the aviation sector is highly regulated, it is difficult to overcome these issues in a very short time. 

Adria Airways is a stable and recognized Airline with 57 years of experience. We are facing big challenges, but we are certain that we will overcome them in a reasonable time. 

We let you down. However we still set your satisfaction as our top priority. 

We are persistent and dedicated to correct this. Not overnight, but we believe that in the future we will succeed to fulfil your high expectations and deliver a service which you are accustomed to. 

Current challenges are one step away from improved service, better products, better connectivity and even more convenient journeys. 

Do not lose your trust in us. We promise to be an even stronger partner on your journeys in the future.

Thank you!