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Stunning train ride aboard the Glacier Express

Text: Maja Jaklič Photos: Glacier Express

There is no better way to see many parts of Switzerland than to take the train. In this land of steep mountains, Alpine valleys, glacial lakes, chocolate, holey cheese, precision timepieces, handy pocket knives and bank vaults, there are so many trains that choosing one is no simple matter. While it may not be simple, let it at least be legendary – for example a journey aboard the famous Glacier Express. This possibly somewhat ironic name belongs to what is perhaps the slowest express train in the world, covering the 257 kilometres between the famous winter resort of St Moritz (or Davos, served by another branch of the railway) and the equally famous resort of Zermatt in around seven and a half hours. As the train winds its way through valleys, along rivers, past Alpine peaks and vast forests, through ravines and tunnels and over an astonishing 291 bridges and viaducts, passengers can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the sights along the way, including one of the most famous mountains in the world – the mighty Matterhorn.

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213 km od/from Zurich Airport