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Autumn in Slovenia

Text: Tina Keber Photos: iStock

A magical time of year, perfect for observing nature and enjoying seasonal specialities.

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Autumn is the most romantic season, when every glance through a window, every stroll in the great outdoors is an occasion to marvel at the glowing colours of the treetops. Slovenia is the third most forested country in the European Union, with as much as 58% of the national territory covered by forest. Since the starring role in the film that is autumn is played by the forest, with the changing colours of the leaves providing the main story, Slovenia has become a very popular autumn filming location. With its unspoilt nature and diverse landscapes, it is also a paradise for amateur photographers – and for hikers. Autumn is in fact the best time of the year to visit the country's hills and mountains. Naturally you can also combine a holiday in the great outdoors with relaxation in thermal baths and "glamping" in luxurious tents. Add to this the joys of autumn cuisine – from roast chestnuts and new cider to hearty sausages and wine – and you would be hard put to find anyone churlish enough to complain about the occasional autumn rain shower.

  • The emerald-green nature reserve of Zelenci
  • Glamping Olimia Adria Village
  • Dödoli, cϋcki, bograč, bujta repa and gibanica – all dishes from the Prekmurje region, but in Ljubljana
  • Carniolan sausage (kranjska klobasa) has been the pride and delight of the people of Slovenia ever since the 19th century.
  • Pelicon brewery - "It all comes from a love of beer. Know what you want and what you'd like to drink. Then make it."