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Bio Oko

Text: Vesna Štebljaj Photos: Bio Oko

Prague is a city of beautiful sights, a source of in­spiration and a place of art. It has also long been an important centre of the film industry. It is no sur­prise, then, that Prague should also be home to a very unique cinema. Bio Oko is a gathering place for art lovers and a place for conversations about art. Their "film brunch" concept combines the experi­ence of watching a film with the enjoyment of food in good company. The cinema also organises film festivals, opera, ballet and musical performances beamed live from all over the world, family screen­ings and much more. For those who love surprises, there are "blind date" evenings, where you only dis­cover what film is being screened after the lights go down and the projector starts running.

Ljubljana–Prague: 5×/week

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