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Colours and mood

Photos: Primož Jovanović

Numerous studies have investigated the influence of colours on our mood and even our health. Those of us who love flying are happy to be able to confirm their findings.

adria pilot naslovna3

We have quickly got used to the artistic musings of our pilot Primož Jovanović! His series of photographs of the moment when day flirts with night confirm the theory that (beautiful and magical) colours really do affect our mood. Especially when the palette of colours is one that only a sunset can create!

adria pilot6

We think the best way to test the theory of the influence of colours on mood is to experience it for yourself, so we invite you to join us aboard. It may even be Primož himself who flies you into the midst of stunning colours.

adria pilot7

About author: Primož Jovanovič

Primož Jovanovič is a captain on Adria Airways' Bombardier CRJ aircraft. He trained as a pilot at the Westwind Aviation Academy in the USA and obtained an aviation degree from Ljubljana University's Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He began his professional career as a flying instructor at the Adria Flight Career Centre, before moving on to pilot passenger jets. Primož flies for his soul, as he himself puts it, and is an aviation enthusiast even when he is not at work. He enjoys filming his flying exploits and sharing them with those who remain down on the ground.