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Düsseldorf's Old Town

Text: Veronika Sorokin Photos: iStock

Though badly damaged during the Second World War, the streets of Düsseldorf's Old Town still contain a great deal of beauty.

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Sights include the Late Gothic Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall), with a famous equestrian statue in front of it, the Schlossturm (Castle Tower), the baroque church of Sankt Andreas and the basilica of Sankt Lambertus. The Old Town is full of beer halls, antiques shops, pubs and clubs and is bustling with life at all times of day. A little to the south is the Carlsplatz and a very popular food market selling all manner of good things: from organic fruit and vegetables to local meat specialities and traditional pastries. Düsseldorf's modern SkyTrain monorail system provides a direct link between the airport terminals and the main railway station. The service operates between 03:45 and 00:45, with trains running every 3.5 to 7 minutes.