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Hidden corners of the Albanian Riviera

Text: Kristjan Klemenčič Photos: Denis Bertole

Traces of Albania's great history can be found throughout the country, including on the coast not far from Tirana. One of the lovelier and more mystical spots on the Albanian coast is Cape Rodon, just over an hour from the capital.

The drive there is a chance to appreciate the untouched Albanian landscape, since apart from the occasional shepherd you won't meet anyone as you cross the green plains.  The road ends when you judge that your car cannot go any further. From there it is just a brief stroll…  The walk is more pleasant than difficult, and the view from the cliffs on either side and the sight of the cape itself are worth all the effort. Hidden in a bay at the end of the cape are the ruins of the almost 600-year-old castle where the powerful Gjergj Kastrioti and his family took ship for Brindisi during the Ottoman war in the fifteenth century. You probably know this self-proclaimed Lord of Albania by his other name: Skanderbeg. 

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Distance from the airport: 53 km.