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How to pack for Paris Fashion Week

Text: Tesa Juraševič Photos: Ajda Sitar and Žiga Domadenik

Paris: the city of lights, the city of love and, first and foremost, the city of fashion. And when better to feel the real spirit of Parisian fashion than in the week of all weeks – Paris Fashion Week!

If New York is the most commercial, London the most artistic and Milan the most striking, then Paris is undoubtedly the most serious and sophisticated. When it comes to fashion, Parisians take things very seriously! The last of the four key fashion weeks, Paris knows how to captivate the cream of the fashion world year after year and ensure that one of the fashion industry's most important months ends in grand style. 

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There is no doubt that Paris Fashion Week is a very special experience, and one to which the city itself contributes its own measure of charm. Paris is the fashion capital, and we fashionistas feel a special sort of trepidation every time we visit. Paris is a city where fashion follows you at every step, where you come face to face with real Parisiennes, those queens of style, and where there is no room for fashion faux pax and style slip-ups! And just to ensure that the measure is full, let's add Fashion Week, which takes the situation to a whole new level and leads us onto a real fashion battlefield! The main front is officially open and it's time for us to attack it with all our forces (though possibly minus the infantry, because of the uncomfortable high heels). It's a good idea to go over all potential crisis situations, possible setbacks and unexpected complications: a torn dress, broken heel or – heaven forbid! – lost luggage. We need a battle plan that will at least partially mitigate the stress-filled rushing from catwalk show to catwalk show, the cursing of Parisian taxi drivers and the endless traffic jams, the impatient waiting for shows and fashion presentations to begin. Yes, packing for one of the biggest fashion events of the year is undoubtedly a real challenge and a major headache that requires a good deal of organisation and preliminary thought. 

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Everything begins with planning "looks" – and let us be clear right from the start that we're not talking about the kind of stylings in which you could walk through the streets of Paris in any week that isn't Fashion Week. No, what we mean is the best, the most excessive, the most showy, the non plus ultra best possible fashion combinations that are worthy of all ranks, including military-style jackets (which happen to be back in fashion this year). After this come the additional looks, the plan Bs, if I can call them that, in other words if the original strategy proves inadequate or even entirely unfeasible (for example open sandals versus a metre of snow).  And of course there are also fashion accessories, the crème de la crème of every look, which should be used unstintingly during Fashion Week. I think that by this point it should be fairly clear that without at least two suitcases it's simply not going to work.

And if truth be told, despite all the efforts and exertions, annual reorganisations and multiple attempts at optimising my luggage, I still end up cramming, pushing, squashing and stamping. When it comes to Fashion Week, the idea that "less is more" simply goes out the window.

 Yes, Fashion Week means a lot of sleepless nights, blisters and frayed nerves, yet the moment I touch down in Paris, all is forgotten and I have only one thought in mind: Charge! 

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Top 5 packing tips:

  • roll up clothes to save space
  • shoes and bags should always travel in dust bags. Place socks in them so they keep their shape
  • "iron" a crumpled shirt with the help of the steam in the bathroom
  • place the heaviest items at the bottom of the suitcase to make it easier to carry (or pull)
  • weigh your luggage before departure ;)