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Lake Bled – picturesque wonder for your dream-like holiday

Lake Bled is one of Slovenia's most famous tourist attractions, attracting visitors from all throughout Europe and beyond. Situated in the Upper Carnolian region in Slovenia’s north-western region, this postcard-perfect destination resembles a true fairy-tale town.

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Bled (, photo: Jošt Gantar)

With plenty of holiday accommodations set in this picturesque region, Bled is popular all year around. There are plenty of exciting things to do around Lake Bled and the area is also known for its exquisite cuisine. Let’s take a look at some one-of-a-kind experiences that make Bled such a special tourist destination.

What to see in and around Lake Bled

Lake Bled is so much more than simply a lake. With a quaint town at its feet, there are several must-see sights in and around Lake Bled that you simply shouldn’t miss out on:

  • BLED CHURCH AND ISLAND: This is perhaps the most photographed location in the entire country. The tiny island hosts the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary and provides an idyllic location for weddings.
  • BLED CASTLE: One of the oldest castles in Slovenia is situated atop of a steep cliff overlooking Lake Bled. It provides visitors with bird’s eye views of the lake, as well as a spot to relax and enjoy the historical site. There are several museum rooms, wine cellars and spectacular viewpoints to enjoy, besides the beautiful castle itself.                      
  • BLED TOWN CENTRE: The tiny town centre surrounding Lake Bled offers the perfect break from the peaceful lake, and a great look into local life. The centre has an unconventional layout as it is built around the lake, rather than next to it. The town is home to many independent shops selling handmade pottery, Slovenian food delicacies, and local art, to mention a few.
  • VINTGAR GORGE: Slovenia’s one and only 1.6 kilometre gorge created by the river Radovna, with stunning waterfalls and pools. You can take a walk along and inside the gorge via the wooden platform and roads that follows its path.

This hidden gem in the heart of Europe is surrounded by some other natural treasures such as the Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps, both offering breath-taking views. If you’re a nature lover, this is a destination that you simply must visit at least once in your lifetime. Whether you’re renting a car or using public transport, you are well connected to an endless list of fabulous local attractions ready to give you an authentic experience of the local life. You could even get a pair of roller-skates or rent a bicycle to enjoy the fresh air while discovering the peaceful surroundings of Bled.

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Vintgar Gorge (, photo: Jacob Riglin, Beautiful Destinations)

Lake Bled has a little something for Everyone

Whether you are a nature lover, businessman, family, or young in-love couple, Bled is a destination that can please everyone. Nearby hotels and halls often offer enticing conferences and lectures with events like the Bled Convention Bureau, Bled Strategic Forum and EN Conference (International Writers’ Meeting).

The idyllic scenery in and around the lake embodies romance, with several local restaurants around the lake for the perfect dinner date. In the centre of Lake Bled is Bled Island, the epitome of serenity. A small boat can bring you across the lake and to the island to enjoy a unique view of the lake and its surroundings. There are also many activities available for the younger ones among us. With playgrounds and activities in the nearby adventure park as well as a train that circles around the lake, there is plenty to do for the little ones.

Bled being an attractive destination for younger visitors doesn’t mean that seniors will miss out on anything - quite the opposite! The serene location paired with exceptional food, historical locations and plenty of benches in the shade make this a top-rated destination in the eyes of senior visitors as well.

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Lake view from the saloon in Grand hotel Toplice (, photo: Sava Turizem d.d., Dean Dubokovič)

Best things to do at Lake Bled

It comes as no surprise that Lake Bled is a fantastic location for photographers, but there's much more to this natural gem than just its beauty. Regardless of your preferred type of hobbies, there are plenty of things to do in and around Lake Bled.

  • The crystal clear, emerald water make Lake Bled a popular swimming destination, allowing the visitors to catch a well-deserved refreshment in the heat of Slovenian summers.
  • For those wanting to spend their time in Lake Bled while building up their stamina, rowing is a great activity to choose. Bled has developed into a renowned location for rowing, housing a formidable rowing centre. Bled has been home to no less than three rowing world championships and runs the yearly Slovenian National Championships every September. Rowing across Lake Bled is an exceptional way of experiencing the natural beauty of the area.
  • Many local and international visitors alike choose to simply walk around the lake or go for a jog. The lake and its surroundings provide the perfect quiet location to stretch your legs.
  • Fishing in the Bled area is another widely enjoyed local activity. All you need to do to enjoy fishing in Lake Bled is purchase a permit. This allows you to discover the incredible biodiversity of Slovenian waters while being surrounded by the calming stunning backdrop of the lake. The permit can easily be purchased from the Bled Tourist Association. A permit will not only cover Lake Bled but also the Sava Bohinjka River that runs through the Bled area.
  • The Bled Adventure Park is a wonderful choice for young families and groups of friends wanting to embark on an unforgettable journey. Guaranteed to provide a fun and adventurous day.
  • Visiting Bled in the winter months? You will be able to take advantage of various skiing facilities in close proximity. Slovenia’s north-west region, Gorenjska, turns into a real winter fairy-tale during the colder months of the year. Visitors can enjoy a selection of winter activities such as cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and even ski jumping.
  • Possibly the most beloved winter activity that makes Lake Bled a popular winter destination is ice-skating. Sometimes the temperature is just cold enough for the lake to freeze over in the winter season and provide the dream-like location for ice-skating. Bled also has several outdoor ice rinks, perfect for beginners to improve their ice-skating skills.
  • However, ice skating opportunities don’t end there. Located in close proximity of the lake is the Bled Sports Hall, a modern sporting facility that hosts a variety of sporting events such as ice-hockey matches, curling, figure skating competitions, as well as music concerts and other entertainment events. During the winter season, visitors can also try out ice-skating and ice-bowling.
  • Bled is also home to several spa and wellness resorts, such as the Hotel Triglav Bled, Grand Hotel Toplice, Best Western Premier Hotel Lovec, Kompas Hotel Bled, Park Hotel Bled, Alp Penzion and numerous others. These luxurious holiday resorts offer world-class facilities for visitors to relax in the heart of Bled. 
bled slovenia photo dean dubokovic2 980x500
Jogging at Lake Bled (, photo: Dean Dubokovič)

Last but not least, visiting Bled is not complete without reaching one of the main viewpoints. These beautiful trails can prove to be quite a hike, but they are worth the effort as they provide absolutely stunning views of the lake. There are several scenic viewpoints, but two of the most widely-adored ones are Ojstrica and Osojnice. Visiting these will not only be the perfect moment to capture the beauty of the lake on a photo, it will also give you a fantastic overlook of the nature and buildings surrounding Lake Bled.

Not the one to enjoy physical activity? Don't worry, as there are plenty of alternative activities to do at Lake Bled if you're looking for activities that don't involve sports. Lake Bled is an absolutely dreamlike location for weddings, a perfect spot for lovers of architecture and historical sites, and last but not least – top-rated location for lovers of hearty food.

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Sunset at Lake Bled

What to eat – cream cake, traditional and contemporary food

Slovenia is well-known for its excellent quality of food and Lake Bled is no exception. There are several dishes that visitors to Lake Bled should cross off their bucket list, but nothing surpasses the renowned – kremšnita. This slice of cream cake is the very symbol of Bled cuisine and one of the most recognizable desserts in the region. You will be spoiled with choices for this top-rated cream cake around Lake Bled. If you don’t have a sweet tooth and want to enjoy savoury food, there are several other options in store for you. Bled houses a number of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines. The locals treasure traditional food, but are always on the lookout for new food trends, which is why the culinary scene in the area is booming. Whether you’re looking for old-school meat and potato dishes, Italian classics like pizza and pasta, or vegan and vegetarian food – there will be an abundance of delicious dishes in Bled’s restaurants. The remarkable and newly renovated Bled Castle Restaurant provides top-class dining and features Mediterranean and international cuisine. The welcoming atmosphere paired with exceptional food and drinks are served in one of Europe’s most serene natural surroundings.

bled slovenia breakfast gardenvillage 980x500
Breakfast at Garden Village glamping resort Bled - Vrtnarija restaurant (, photo: Iztok Medja)

Weather And Climate – Lake Bled throughout the year

Just like the rest of the country, Lake Bled enjoys a very pleasant climate throughout the summer period. The summer draws many visitors, with temperatures constantly rising to and above 25° C (77° F). All the way from late May until late September, you are likely to experience pleasant temperatures that allow for swimming and sunbathing. The coldest and driest month is January, with temperatures dropping below 0° C (32° F) . If you're looking to avoid the peak tourist season, but still want to enjoy lovely weather, it's best to visit Bled in the early spring or late autumn.

bled slovenia photo dean dubokovic 980x500
Autumn in Bled (, photo: Dean Dubokovič)

How to get around - airports and public transport

Lake Bled is fairly easy to access, being a major tourist destination in the area. Ljubljana Airport is your best choice and the closest airport in the proximity, located less than 35km away. With its rapid growth and several new connections being established every season, Ljubljana Airport is easy to access and provides the perfect starting point for your visit to Bled.

Bled itself is easily accessible by local public transport, which is affordable and reliable. It has its own bus station and can be reached by train via Lesce-Bled station which is approximately 4 kilometres away or via Bled Jezero station which is about 2 kilometers from Bled town centre. Ljubljana airport is the nearest airport and Bled is especially well-connected to the Slovenian capital, Lubljana, via bus as well as train. Ljubljana city centre runs hourly buses to Bled (between 6AM and 10PM), which take about an hour and ten minutes. The bus stops at two stops located less than 300 metres from the lake, the Union Bus stop and Bled’s local bus station. The local bus station is located closer to Bled Castle.

Whether you are a nature lover, businessman, family, or young in-love couple, Bled is a destination that can please everyone. 

Time to tick Bled off your bucket list

Taking everything into account, one could say that Bled is cherished for much more than just its stunning nature. It’s a place of historical significance that embodies the local culture while providing a spectacular holiday experience for visitors from various backgrounds. It comes as no surprise that Bled is attracting an increasing number of visitors every single year and with many surrounding local attractions still being discovered by tourists, Slovenia’s north-west region is bound to experience rapid growth.

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