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Miniatur Wunderland

Text: Vesna Štebljaj Photos: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

Hamburg is a city that enthuses locals and visitors, business travellers and tourists, young and old alike. And while each of these groups can choose the sights and activities that suit them, there is one attraction that everyone wants to see: a wonderful miniature world. It is not enough to describe it as the world's largest model railway, because it features cities and sights from all over the world, with something new add­ed every year. A fleet of 42 aircraft fly above the cities and landscapes, more than a thousand trains run along fifteen kilo­metres of track, almost ten thousand vehicles circulate on the roads – and all this is observed by a quarter of a million human figures. A true wonderland that brings the sparkle back to eyes and puts smiles on faces.

Ljubljana–Hamburg:  4x/week

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