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No Need to Stare into Space

Text: Adria Airways Photos: Primož Korošec Published: OnAir Magazine 1, Dec 2015 - Feb 2016

Thanks to our new service you can be in the air and at the same time having a friendly private chat with a fellow passenger sitting a few rows in front of you. Or on a Greek island or deep underground surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. Perhaps you are more interested in reading about food? No problem!

OnAir Ni treba gledati v zrak 980 400

Our aircraft are equipped with the Adria OnAir Entertainment service, which allows you to pass the time using your smartphone or tablet even during the flight. Although your device must remain in "flight mode", you can now use a wireless connection to access the service while we are in the air.

The OnAir Entertainment portal offers information about your flight and the destination you are flying to. You can also browse the OnAir Magazine, with a range of interesting content on destinations, aviation, food, people, entertainment, and so on. In the future we will be updating the OnAir Magazine regularly with articles and other interesting content to help you pass the time.

The portal also includes games for children and adults, and a Chat function for all passengers. Since we believe that the best way to improve our services is through dialogue with our customers, we invite you to complete our passenger satisfaction survey. You can also share your experiences with us by filling in the customer feedback form. We promise that we will take your comments seriously!

OnAir Ni treba gledati v zrak ko ste v zraku 980 600

"Introducing this new service has been quite a complex project involving a large number of people in several different departments. A number of technological and other hurdles had to be overcome to provide the OnAir Entertainment service that you can enjoy today. We had to meet stringent safety standards and ensure that the portal functioned perfectly. All this to ensure that rich content will always be available to you and that you will never be bored."

Iztok Franko, IT & Marketing Director at Adria Airways

The services available via the Adria OnAir Entertainment system will continue to be developed and upgraded in order to ensure the maximum satisfaction for our passengers. When it comes to variety of content and services, the sky is the limit!

Access OnAir Entertainment with your mobile or tablet:

  1. Switch your device to "flight mode".
  2. Enable your wireless connection (Wi-Fi).
  3. Connect to the "Adria OnAir" Wi-Fi network.
  4. Open your web browser and enjoy.