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Photos: Fotodocumentation Delo, Matej Družnik

Cerklje businessman Peter Slatnar is a man of many talents. A leading innovator in the ski jumping equipment sector, he inherited his love of metalworking from his father, with whom he worked for many years making metal parts for automotive and aviation companies.

A former ski jumper himself, he won worldwide acclaim with his bindings for ski jumping skis, which are today used by almost all the competitors on the World Cup circuit. He likes spending time in his workshop, where he and his team roll their sleeves up and devise innovations and improvements: skis for ski jumping and downhill skiing, carbon ski jumping boots, dry training aids and even children's ski jumping skis.

Despite his reputation as a peerless innovator, Peter Slatnar remains simple and approachable. With his perseverance, focus and desire to come up with revolutionary solutions, he doesn't follow the crowd but seeks his own path, inspiring others and blazing a trail.

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  1. Where was your very first flight to?
    Japan. We were travelling to a competition, in 1980 or 1981.

  2. Name three things you cannot travel without.
    A change of clothes, a bag for dirty clothes and a toothbrush.

  3. What would be your preferred destination for a weekend break?
    Somewhere warm. In winter I would choose Norway or somewhere else in Scandinavia.

  4. What kind of bird would you be if you could fly?
    A bald eagle.

  5. Favourite European city and why?
    It's hard to pick just one: I like Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Rome, Paris, but perhaps of all of them it is Prague that I like best. It is a tranquil city that reveals its most beautiful side when you have locals to show you around.

  6. What do you like more as a tourist – museums or the buzz of city streets?
    Buzz is important: it's nice to have time to sit and people-watch. I also enjoy visiting museums and castles. Often you can visit them for free, which suits people from Gorenjska like me!