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Photos: Boštjan Bračič

Petra Majdič is an Olympic medallist and goodwill campaigner. Overcoming obstacles, finding inner and outer motivation and building a strong team are all elements that were of key importance on her path to realising her Olympic dreams.

Now that her career as a top athlete is over, she has found her niche passing on her winning philosophy to those who cheered her on in the past. As a motivational speaker, she tells her personal success story to corporate audiences and in this way attempts to enrich people's everyday lives and show them that everything is possible.

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  1. Where was your very first flight to?
    To Muonio in Finland, for my first experience of snow training in November.

  2. Name three things you cannot travel without.
    An apple, a notebook and pen, a spare T-shirt and a laptop. Not necessarily in that order.

  3. What would be your preferred destination for a weekend break?
    I would definitely like to visit Valencia in the future, for the colours and the wonderful food. In winter I would choose Scandinavia, because they have thousands of well-marked cross-country skiing trails. That would be good food for the soul.

  4. What kind of bird would you be if you could fly?
    An eagle, because of my love of the mountains.

  5. Favourite European city and why?
    Stockholm, because of its incredible bond with the sea, the city and the snow. It has a fairy-tale setting with countless bridges and an amazing history. It has the cutest cafés and flower shops where flowers are on display even in winter.

  6. What do you like more as a tourist – museums or the buzz of city streets?
    Definitely the buzz of the streets. I particularly like visiting local markets and exploring and looking for the most stylish café where I can drink a cup of tea or coffee.