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Rafting in Slovenia: fun for the whole family!

If you are part of an active family who loves a little adrenaline, rafting is the perfect family activity for you. Rafting is a safe activity for adults and children over the age of 6, where you don't need any prior experience to have the time of your life! If you are a family or a group of 6 to 30 people who love a good time and aren't afraid of a little splashing, rafting just may be the perfect activity for you to try.

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Rafting on Sava river (, photo: Miran Kambič)

Why you should try white water rafting in Slovenia?

Rafting is a lot of fun and because it is a team effort – every single member on the raft must stay concentrated and paddle their part to avoid obstacles on your path – it is a great bonding experience, perfect for groups, teams, coworkers and families. It also offers beautiful sights on the river, river banks and surrounding nature.

Where to go, if you want the best rafting experience in Slovenia?

Rafting is quite a popular sport in Slovenia, since Slovenia has a rich river system, but the most popular of all is certainly Soča river rafting. The Soča River originates from the Julian Alps and flows across Slovenia to Italy and although it has been tamed, it still offers a wild and exciting ride along boulders, whirlwinds and different natural obstacle, through the class II and III rapids. Your starting point will be Bovec, a beautiful town in the Slovene Littoral region, just below the eastern slopes of Mount Kanin, near the border Italian border. That is where you will rent your raft, neoprene clothing and safety gear and head on to the starting point on the Soča River. You will be accompanied by a qualified professional, who will guide you through the whole experience and make sure that you will safely reach your final destination.

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Rafting on Soča river (, photo: Boris Pretnar)

Apart from the Soča, there are other rivers where you can go rafting, such as the Sava Dolinka, Sava Bohinjka and Kolpa. The Soča is naturally the fastest river, so you can expect the most thrilling experience there, although the Sava Bohinjka and the Sava Dolinka offer nice rapids as well. Rafting on the river Kolpa however can be quite a disappointment in the summertime, when the river is low and relatively slow. The best time for Kolpa river rafting is in spring or autumn, when the water is the highest (at least 120 cm) and the experience can be as thrilling as rafting on the rivers Soča and Sava. You can go rafting pretty much anytime of the year in Bled, on the Sava Dolinka River or in Bohinj, on the Sava Bohinjka River. On the latter you can also experience Adventure Rafting, with special rafts, made for two or three persons, guided by a professional guide in a separate kayak.

What do I need if I want to go rafting?

Most of the gear will be provided to you. You will be provided with:

  • a neoprene suit
  • helmet
  • neoprene shoes
  • lifejacket
  • a windbreaker

You should bring these items with you:

  • a bathing suit
  • towel
  • extra underwear
  • hairband if you have long hair
  • a long synthetic shirt in case of bad weather

You can also bring your glasses or contacts if you use them, sunscreen and a sport camera with the helmet attachment if you have one. If not, don’t worry, you will get plenty of pictures and even videos of your experience.

Do not bring your phone, sunglasses and any food or drinks along on your rafting experience.

rafting slovenia iztok medja 980x500
Rafting on Soča River (, photo: Iztok Medja)

What to expect from the Slovenia rafting experience

Bovec rafting is world renowned not only for being the most fun and picturesque adventure, but also for being extremely safe and professionally organized. The experience usually lasts about an hour and a half, while the whole activity, from beginning to end, lasts about three hours.

Even though white water rafting is completely safe and has a minimal age limit of 6 years, it is still quite an invigorating experience. The first few minutes the ride is smooth, so that you can learn to use your paddle and how to best work together. But soon enough your ride down the river is going to get anything but smooth, and even though you will have some time to rest your arms in between the rapids, you can count on it being quite the workout for your upper torso! There is no better experience for those who enjoy a good dose of adrenaline, some splashing and the excitement of team work, than navigating the wild waters of the mighty river Soča.

Include rafting in your Slovenia family holiday and make sure that your family has an adventure to remember!

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