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Šlanger Workshop

Text: Vesna Štebljaj Photos: Šlanger Workshop

Jože Strmčnik, aka Šlanger, is entirely self-taught: an autodidact. His desire to create and realise forms and shapes, his sense of line and his aes­thetic sensibility, turned him onto the path of design. His creations are unique, one-off. Though finished to the last detail, in their essence they are simple and natural. The artist follows his feelings and persists on his path, drawing on nature and himself. Why does he work with wood? Wood is living, warm, sweet-smelling, mysterious… Some­times it is hard to understand it, even though its structure reveals its history. Just like a human being. When you are working with wood, it is like getting to know a person, says Šlanger. At his workshop-cum-showroom in the village of Luče in the Upper Savinja Valley you can watch the process of making a pot or other vessel and make a purchase that will bring pleasure to yourself or to family, friends or business partners.


47 km from Ljubljana Airport

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