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Terme Olimia

Text: Mankica Kranjec Photos: Dean Dubukovič, Terme Olimia, Iztok Medja

The first selfness destination in Slovenia boasts the prestigious Wellness Orhidelia. Themed resting areas and interconnected indoor and outdoor pools form a unique architectural poetry where you can find total relaxation on special water beds or enjoy a unique experience in one of the magnificent saunas.

The power of elemental nature

Terme Olimia in Podčetrtek also offers special experiences for the whole family: children and adults alike can enjoy an unforgettable aqua adventure in the newly built Termalija Family Wellness complex – the ultimate fun for all generations.

Join an Olimia tea party, awaken your senses with aromas and flavours, or try local ice cream at the Lipa restaurant, pub and café – the first totally gluten-free restaurant in Slovenia. The chefs here will serve up delicious specialities of the Kozjansko region, including the local version of štruklji (boiled strudel), and freshly baked bread.


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118 km from Ljubljana Airport