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Terme Portorož

If you are one of those people who wishes that summer would last all year round, we have great news for you. At the Hotel LifeClass Portorož, the only seaside spa in Europe to offer comprehensive wellness, thermal spa and medical services, the temperature is a pleasant 30 degrees every day and everyone can warm their body, breathe, free themselves of stress, and rest.

Health at the seaside

This famous Slovenian natural health resort, where you can swim in the thermal waters of the 42,000-year-old Prehistoric Sea, boasts more than a century of tradition as a thermal spa and is proud of its 800-year tradition as a place of healing. As well as warm seawater and pure sea air, both of which have a beneficial effect on health, Terme Portorož offers special treatments and relaxing massages with brine and sea mud from the nearby Sečovlje saltworks. They also use seaweed and unique thermal mineral water from a nearby well for therapeutic purposes, successfully combining ancient knowledge and the latest medical expertise.

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138 km od/from Ljubljana Airport