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The 5 Best Slovenian Christmas Markets

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With bright lights, food and activities, Slovenian Christmas markets are one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Europe, if not the world. If you haven’t been to one, you’re really missing out. Let’s take a look at some of the top Christmas markets right now.

ljubljana lucke photo dean dubokovic 26 min
Festive Ljubljana © Dean Dubokovič - STO


The countries capital is even more beautiful in the winter than other times of the year. With a blanket of white spread across the city and the festive lights bringing it to life, it is a sight to behold. In December, the Festive Fair becomes the center of the city attracting people from all over to become a part of the celebration.

Starting from the edge of Ljubjanica River, quaint wooden stall cover the routes. The stalls are covered in full Christmas decorations, from colorful ornaments of all sizes to vendors in celebratory attire giving visitors the opportunity to buy Christmas goods and treats.

Heading in, towards the centre, families will continue to find things to see and do. In front of the town hall in Mestni Trg Square, there sits the Good Fairy, fulfilling everyone’s wishes. If you look around, you can see a decorated ice rink open to the public, and decorated Christmas trees everywhere there is to look.

At New Years, the sky is lit up with fireworks putting the bow on your family-friendly holiday in Slovenia. The market takes over the city during the holiday season and should not be missed.

ljubljana lucke photo dean dubokovic 23 min
Festive Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia in December © Dean Dubokovič - STO

Kranjska Gora

For tourists looking to visit the country in the winter, they better make sure that Kranjska Gora is included in their Slovenia tour package. This hot spot for ski enthusiasts has more to offer than just gorgeous slopes in the winter. During the Christmas season, an Alpine village is set up in Kranjska Gora, creating a festive market for the local and tourists alike.

From decorated streets to stalls selling unique and tasty food, everything is present. Stalls selling homemade local delights are there to fill anyone’s appetite and stomach to the brim. Tourists can take a break from skiing and indulge themselves in local delicacies while exploring the amazing city. Visiting Kranjska Gora at Christmas time is the perfect opportunity for a dreamlike family holiday you won’t forget.

This quaint little town can be a cosy and comforting time to spend your Christmas holidays in. Only 74 km away from Ljubljana, tourists can easily reach Kranjska Gora by a short bus ride, passing through a picturesque route.

kranjska gora alpska boziicina vasica img 8385 orig jpg photo l Matej Vranic 29 min
Alpine village in Kranjska Gora © Matej Vranič - STO


Another place people should not leave Slovenia without visiting is Bled, especially during the Christmas season. This place transforms into a scene from a fairytale movie. Lake Bled enhances this fairy tale feeling by creating an almost unbelievable setting with its beautiful view.

With a larger than life fairytale theme, people will have an endless supply of things to do, visit and eat. From St. Stephen’s Fair and the blessing of horses at Kupljenik, to New Years Eve concerts, one thing is for sure, no one is going to get bored. Once done with filling their stomachs and exploring the town, tourists can head out to the beautiful ice rink to experience a calm, unforgettable time. Tourists can also participate in the legend of the Sunken Bell event, where they have to decipher clues by exploring and talking to the locals to find the hidden bell.

On every turn, you are surrounded by gifts, food and drinks from the Gorenjska region. Your Lake Bled winter holiday will be a memory that you will not soon forget. Just a 35 minute drive away from Ljubljana, tourists have no excuse to not cover the 55 km distance to visit Bled.

bled zimska vas in boziicikova posita img 1425 orig jpg photo Matej Vranic 21 min
Bled fair during the Christmas season © Matej Vranič - STO


To see the Christmas city life in Slovenia, you must go and visit Maribor. Slovenia’s second biggest city takes no prisoners when it comes to celebrating Christmas and goes all out to compete against the other breathtaking festivities taking place throughout the country.

Maribor hosts a Festive Fair that rivals the best in the world. The Christmas market opens up in the beginning of December lasting up to New Years Eve, giving anyone who wants to visit a comfortable, family-friendly and enjoyable experience. Festivities include Concerts and fairs at Grajski Trg Square, children’s events at the stunning Vetrinjski Dvor Mansion to the New Years Eve grand celebration at Trg Leona Štuklja Square.

With a city known for its hospitable, relaxed and happy citizens, Maribor with its festivities in full swing is an opportunity no one can afford to miss. Tourists can hop on a 2-hour train ride to reach Maribor. The 155 km long journey from Ljubljana provides travelers with the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds.

maribor praznicini december in vilinsko mesto img 0248 orig jpg photo l Matej Vranic STO 28 min
Maribor festivities include Concerts and fairs © Matej Vranič - STO


During this Christmas, Portorož will celebrate by setting up a Christmas market just like the other cities in Slovenia. This Christmas Market is set up in Hotel Kempinski’s beautiful park with the utmost love and care. This market offers its visitors everything from festive decorations, bonfires to local delicacies. The market also presents the best crafts in the Coastal region. Nothing available here should be missed.

Accompanying this market is the Sparkling Wine Festival. A party that you will never want to end; this is your chance to enjoy an assortment of wines and its pairings.

If you are looking to spend a unique and memorable Christmas in an exotic location, then Slovenia should be at the top of your list. With gorgeous cities and Christmas markets creating a festive mood, there is no excuse for you not to grab a Slovenia tour package right now. Visitors can either opt to take a breathtaking ride on the train or hop on a bus for a shorter 1 hour 34 min trip covering the 120 Km distance from Ljubljana to reach Portorož.

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Christmas Market with festive decorations