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The 5 Most Relaxing Slovenian Spa & Wellness Resorts

Slovenia is known for its breathtaking landscapes, amazing people, adventurous activities and a unique culture. No matter what you may desire, Slovenia is the idle place for anyone looking to do what they want to do. From Skiing on gorgeous slopes  to enjoying the local cuisine, anything that people would want to do can be found in Slovenia.

With so much to do, it’s absolutely important for any tourists to complete their trip with a relaxing place to stay . With world-renowned and all-inclusive family resorts in Slovenia, people can explore the country while staying in absolute comfort and ease. These resorts can be found all over the country at some of the most breathe taking locations. Tourists should not only consider booking a resort, but they should also make sure it is part of their Slovenia tour package.

Here are the top 5 most relaxing Slovenian Spa and Wellness resorts that everyone should consider during their time there.

Best Western Hotel Kranjska Gora

This hotel and resort is the amalgamation of what people think of when they picture a relaxing vacation. The Best Western Hotel in Kranjska Gora is for all those that want to value quality relaxation over everything else. With state of the art facilities, it is the perfect place to come back to once you are done for the day exploring the beautiful city of Kranjska Gora.

Some of the hotel enmities include:

  • Jacuzzis
  • Traditional Turkish saunas
  • Finnish saunas
  • Massage salon
  • Fitness center

These facilities provide full-body treatments, such as lavish beauty, face, hand and foot treatment. With an affordable price of just $132 a night, anyone can make their dream holiday into a reality.

This resort is just 85 km away from the country’s capital, Ljubljana.

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Hotel Kompas

Anyone looking to fully immerse themselves into the country’s history and culture should look no further and stay in Hotel Kompas. Also located in the magnificent town of Kranjska Gora, this hotel stands apart from the rest due to its royal feel. The resort offers everything that one would need to relax and forget about their worries.

Some of the hotel enmities include:

  • Conference halls
  • Cocktail-infused disco parties
  • Incredible wellness facilities
  • Saunas (Chromotherapy)
  • Alpine Yoga sessions

With a venue that offers tradition, fun and relaxation, Hotel Kompas is one of the best in Slovenia. All this can be found at the low price of just $125 per night.

This resort is just 86 km away from the country’s capital, Ljubljana.

Hotel Triglav, Bled

In the stunning town of Bled lies one of the most luxurious resorts with a view to die for. Because this resort resides on the western side of Lake Bled, it allows visitors to skate in the winters and swim in the summers. Alongside its location, the resort itself offers a number of amenities that allow customers to relax when they decide to.

Some of the hotel enmities include:

  • Access to Ski Slopes
  • Massages (Classic, antistress, sport and parental)
  • Finnish Sauna
  • Swimming pool

The resort’s views have to be seen to be believed. It should definitely be included in every Slovenia Tour so that no one gets to miss one of the most memorable experiences of their lifetimes. The resort can cost sround $170 a night.

This resort is just 56 km away from the country’s capital, Ljubljana.

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Živa Fofo

Kempinski Palace, Portorož

With a venue taken straight out of a classic movie, this hotel and resort is one of those places that make you feel like you are somewhere truly unique. This hotel offers an unforgettable sunset over the sea and allows you to immerse yourself in the Slovenian history with its décor, which is like no other. It is the perfect place for anyone to detach themselves from their lives and enter a whole new world filled with relaxation and enjoyment.   

Some of the hotel enmities include:

  • Rose Spa
  • Sauna
  • 5-star exclusive beach
  • Fitness center

Tourists can book a night in this historic resort for just $150.

This resort is just 120 km away from the country’s capital, Ljubljana.

Grand Hotel Toplice - Sava Hotels & Resorts

Another hotel situated in Bled gives access to the stunning views of Lake Bled. A historical hotel with unique décor allows visitors to submerge themselves in the countries character and history. With Royalty from different countries choosing to stay in this resort/hotel, there must be something to this amazing place.

Some of the hotel enmities include:

  • Private beach
  • Indoor and outdoor Pool
  • Full service Spa
  • World-renowned restaurants

A place such as this is more than a place to spend nights in. It’s a royal experience that anyone visiting Slovenia must try to get. With a slightly more expensive cost per night— $218 a night— it still gives a full value for money with its venue and services that anyone staying can avail.  

This resort is just 125 km away from the country’s capital, Ljubljana.

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Živa Fofo

No matter what a person can dream of, Slovenia has it. With amazing sights to see and with grand hotels that promise exciting and mind-blowing experiences, Slovenia truly is the perfect place for a stress-free vacation.