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Tirana Komiteti Kafe-Muzeum

Text: Kristjan Klemenčič Photos: Denis Bertole

The best place for coffee in the city is without a doubt the Komiteti Kafe-Muzeum. Not so much for the coffee itself, but because of the second half of its name.

 The Komiteti is quite a small location for a museum but just the right size for a café that conceals an incredible treasury of Albanian history. From a table that was once a crate for hand grenades, to the old rakes hanging from the ceiling and repurposed as wine glass holders.

Even the smallest item you find at Komiteti has an incredible story behind it. And the staff are more than happy to tell you the history of each individual item. From a skateboard that is a symbol of Albanian childhood from a time when kids used to build them themselves, to the first topless photographs taken in Albania.

Above all, though, the friendly staff will serve you with Albanian delicacies and drinks in a replica of a typical Albanian living room, surrounded by items representing every phase of Albanian history.

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