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Top 7 places to go in Slovenia if you are a nature addict

With views that will take anyone’s breath away, Slovenia offers an experience that people will remember for the rest of their lives. No matter the season, this gorgeous country always has something to offer.

If someone considers themselves to be a nature addict, then they should definitely pack their bags and get ready to visit Slovenia. From the rich colors of the trees in fall to a winter wonderland, it does not matter when you visit the country, because each season has something unique to offer.

In today’s day and age, people get too busy living their lives to actually take in and enjoy what’s around them. It’s necessary to take some time off from the hustle and bustle of city life, to go be one with nature. There is no better place than Slovenia to experience the nature and the abundant amount of activities that it offers.

If you think you’re a nature addict, you think you love to explore nature trails or simply take in the multiple wondrous sights; you no longer need to search for your next stop.

Let’s take a look at some of the places that nature addicts should definitely visit when in Slovenia.

Lake Jasna & Zelenci - Kranjska Gora

Topping the list of things to do when in Krajska Gora in Slovenia is visiting Lake Jasna and Zelenci natural reserve.

Lake Jasna, surrounded by the majestic Julian Alps, consists of two artificial lakes with crystal clear water for people to enjoy. The lake offers multiple activities to visitors depending on their interests. Visitors can go for a swim in the lakes or explore the beautiful trail  if they do not feel like getting wet. Fishing is also an option. The lake offers fly fishing for newcomers and experts alike. Just 10 minutes away from Kranjska Gora, this place should not be missed.

To get a more immersive experience, tourists should also visit the Zelenci natural reserve. This place is one of those places that are better seen than read about. The reserve is brought to life by the large and diverse wildlife and nesting birds everywhere you look. Beautiful plant life and an emerald green lake make this place the complete package. This encapsulating experience will satisfy any nature lover out there.

Make sure these places are part of your Slovenia tour package, before you go ahead and book it. If tourists want to, they can rent a car to cover the short 1 hour 5 minute drive to the lakes from Ljubljana.

980x500 Zelenci zima Iztok Medja STO
Iztok Medja

Lake Bohinj

To enjoy a calmer, less crowded yet beautiful lake, tourists should go and experience Lake Bohinj. The blue- green waters of the glacial lake are bound to leave you speechless. Visitors can just sit back and take in the view if they are not up to the other multiple actives offered there. To fully experience what this place has to offer, visitors can go kayaking in the lake or hiking or horseback riding on the stunning trail.

The lake is Just 68 km from Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport and tourists have the option to travel by car or bus.

980x500 Bohinjsko jezero Tomo Jesenicnik STOl
Tomo Jesenicnik

Lake Bled

One of the most-talked about places in Slovenia has to be Lake Bled. This lake is thought of as much more glamorous compared to the other places in this list but not without good reason. The bluish-green, mesmerizing water of the lake makes for a stunning sight. From castles hugging a cliff to the highest peaks of the Julian Alps in the background, the view is utterly spectacular.

A few hours are just not enough to fully take in what this place has to offer, so tourists can stay in the country’s most popular resort located here. Some of the numerous activities tourists can partake in there if they feel like getting a little physical are hiking and biking on individual trails. Other more thrilling possibilities include water sports and even canyoning for those that love to feel a rush.

Lake Bled is just 35 km away from Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport from where you can rent a car or catch the multiple busses headed that way.

980x500 Bled Franci Ferjan STO
Franci Ferjan

Soča River Canyon

Considered to top the lists of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, Soča river Canyon is a place tourists should absolutely visit. With its emerald green colored water flowing through waterfalls and rocky gorges, the water has created natural canyons accompanied with pools.

This offers all nature addicts a number of adventurous activities alongside its tranquility. Some of the activities tourists can do to get their blood pumping are canyoning, wild water rafting, kayaking, amongst many others. To have more relaxing experience, tourists can go fishing for a renowned trout indigenous to that area, which attracts fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Surrounded by rocky mountains, this place offers the complete package to everyone who visits. The river is just 108 km away from Ljubljana and can be reached by car or bus.


980x500 Soca gorge photo Ales Zdesar STO
Ales Zdesar

Velika Planina

For a more authentic, calm experience, tourists can go visit Velika Planina. Known as the “Big Pasture Plateau” in English, this place is a settlement of mostly traditional Alpine herdsmen. This high mountain plateau is the perfect place to relax and take in the natural beauty.

There are a few ways to reach this plateau, one being through the use of a cable car that provides passengers a memorable traveling experience due to its views. Another way to get there is through walking trails, which are preferred by hikers that come here for this sole reason.

Velika Planina is 55 km away from the capital Ljubljana, which is a drive of around 1 hour 25 mins.

980x500 Velika planina photo lztok Medja STO 1
Iztok Medja

Piran Sea Salt Pans

Piran is the most beautiful town on the country’s coast, with history and nature perfectly blending in together. When done exploring the town and its culture, tourists can head out to the sea salt pans. These landscape parks include Sečovlje Salt Pans and Strunjan Landscape Park, where visitors can learn about locals working with the huge reserves. To relax, visitors can take therapeutic mud and water baths gathered from the salt pans.

People do not get the chance to visit a place as unique as this, so tourists should definitely include this in their Slovenia tour package. The pans arejust a 50 km car drive away from Ljubljana.

980x500 Soline Piran STO Nea Culpa d.o
Nea Culpa

Otočec Island and Krka River

On the left bank of the Krka river lays the settlement of Otočec. On an island on the river lies the Otočec castle, the only castle surrounded by water in Slovenia. This 13th century castle is built alongside a park that holds century old trees. Tourists can walk along the island, explore the jaw dropping views, and observe the beautiful wildlife including majestic white swans.

This magical experience is 75 km away from Ljubljana and it is suggested for tourists to take the bus or rent a car in order to have a comfortable journey

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980x500 Grad otocec zima jost gantar photo STO
Jost Gantar

Nature addicts and others just looking to get away from their daily lives should not only consider visiting Slovenia but just go ahead and pack their bags. These wondrous places in the country are just waiting to be explored.