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Travelling with animals

Photos: Darko Novak, Canis arhiv

Travelling by air inspires many people to ask all manner of interesting questions. This time we answer your questions about transporting animals on our aircraft. For even more information about travelling with animals, contact our Customer Care department.

Do you have a question for us? Send it to and we will ask one of our colleagues to answer it for you.

1. What do I have to do if I want to travel with my pet? What are the requirements?

If you are planning to travel with an animal, you must notify us in advance. We can arrange transport, provided that certain conditions are met and safety regulations are observed. The animal you wish to bring with you must be in a suitable and secure pet carrier (bag or cage). You must also have medical certificates and records of vaccinations; import, transit and exit permits for the animal; and other documents required by the country or countries to which or through which you will be travelling. We can only transport your animal if you accept all liability for it.

2. Can animals travel in the passenger cabin?

Cats and dogs can travel in the passenger cabin if their total weight including the pet carrier does not exceed 8 kg. The pet carrier must be large enough for the animal to be able to stand up in it and turn round. Service animals can travel in the passenger cabin without restrictions of weight or size.

3. What about animals that are not allowed to travel in the passenger cabin?

All small animals with the exception of dogs and cats weighing less than 8 kg are transported in cages in the baggage hold. Every animal must have sufficient space in its cage to stand up, lie down and move. In the case of adult animals, two animals of comparable size each weighing up to 14 kg may travel in one cage. If the animals are less than six months old, a maximum of three may travel in the same cage. In this way we ensure the safe and comfortable transport of your pets.

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