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Your Weekend Plan to See the Best of Slovenia

Slovenia is the perfect place for families with members of all ages to visit. It is the perfect balance of nature, history, and culture. Hence, it is a great place that provides something for the whole family.

With so much to cover, it can be tough to see everything the country has to offer. It won’t be physically possible to cover it all in a few days, so it’s best to plan ahead and visit the country’s best offerings. No matter what time of the year, the country’s landscape changes, giving its visitors something new each season. From Skiing in the winters to swimming in the lakes in the summertime , there is always something to do. These types of family friendly holidays in Slovenia are the ones no one will quickly forget.

If families can only take out a single weekend for their trip, then they have nothing to worry as this article is intended for them. Here is a Slovenia short breaks tour that families can opt for to cover the best of what Slovenia has to offer. This Slovenia tour package is filled with activities, sightseeing and the important family bonding time that every family wants.

best of slovenia

Day 1 - Ljubljana

Assuming that a family just arrived in Slovenia, they should decompress a bit, settle in, relax and explore the city they just landed in, the capital of the country, Ljubljana.

The capital has a lot to offer when it comes to exploration and sightseeing. It is often cited as one of the best cities in Europe and all tourists Slovenia tour packages should include taking in what it has to offer. Because it is not an extremely large and busy capital city, it is easy to cover a significant portion of the city in a day.

The city is the perfect place to take in the history of the country, so families can do that by visiting:

  • Monuments (General Maister Monument, Prešeren Monument)
  • Churches (Ljubljana Cathedral)
  • Museums (Museum of Illusions, City Museum of  Ljubljana or National Museum of Contemporary History)
  • Restaurants (From traditional local foods to high end cuisine)
  • Ice skating rink (In the winters)
  • Festivals (Winter Christmas Market

The recommended places to visit are mainly for families, but others should also definitely check these places out to get the real essence of the city.

After visiting the aforementioned places, families should head on over to the banks of the Ljubljanica River where everyone can relax and admire the unique architectural style of the historic bridges and buildings.

Now it’s time to head back to the hotel and rest for the next day that will be even more adventurous. 



Day 2 – Bled

Day 2 of the weekend should entail visiting the most popular place in Slovenia, The city of Bled. The city is just 55 km away from the capital city of Ljubljana, which can be covered by bus or car services.

This city can take anyone’s breath away with its gorgeous landscapes, views and the most famous of all, clear emerald waters of Lake Bled. People can take multiple routes to explore the town. One route focuses more on sightseeing and the other one is more activity centric. 

As day 1 dealt with sightseeing and exploration, day 2 will focus more on family-friendly activities. Families can decide to spend their day in and around Lake bled to do everything that the place has to offer. Some of the things families can do at Lake Bled are:

  • Swimming in the crystal clear emerald colored water is fun for all
  • Lounging on hotel decks with refreshments
  • Hiking on beautiful trails surrounding the lake, which have some jaw-dropping views
  • Ice skating in the winters on the lake
  • Water sports, including Jet skis, canoes, etc.
  • Fishing in front of stunning backdrops
  • Visiting the sports hall, which holds ice hockey matches, concerts and other entertaining events

After an exhausting yet fun-filled day, it’s time to rest. Once again, families have a wide variety of places to choose from—Grand Hotel Toplice, Rikli Balance Hotel and Castle Hostel 1004, to name just a few.  Prices can range from really low to reasonably high, depending on what exactly one is looking for in terms of amenities.


Day 3 – Piran

Getting up nice and early is recommended so that the whole family can start their journey to the unique city of Piran. The city is just 171 km away from Lake Bled and 120 km away from the capital city of Ljubljana. This distance can easily be traveled by bus, which provides its riders an extremely scenic journey throughout.

This city offers something different than the others, a harbor town known as the jewel in the crown of Mediterranean Slovenia. With its unique geographical setting, families slow down a bit and get to explore the different things this city has to offer.

Currently, families can choose full day or half day tours that cover a variety of things available for them to see and explore. Some of them include:

  • Coast tour (half-day)
  • Caves and Castles Tour (half-day), which takes tourist through ancient interconnected caves and castles
  • Private Walking Tour with a Local
  • Electric Bike Tour Piran & Salt Pans, which takes everyone to the famous salt pans, a natural wonder

Families can pick and choose what they want to do. After a day full of exploration, awe and fun, you should head back to a hotel of their choosing to relax, bringing their weekend trip to a magical end.