Adria>Rules for the use of personal electronic devices on Adria Airways flights remain unchanged

Rules for the use of personal electronic devices on Adria Airways flights remain unchanged

Author: Adria Airways

We have recently noted, among passengers and in the media, a number of erroneous interpretations of the press release of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) dated 13 November 2013.

The change in regulations does NOT mean that passengers are allowed to use personal electronic devices (PEDs) aboard aircraft. Rather, with the new guidelines for the use of PEDs, the EASA allows airlines to assess whether PEDs may be safely used on their own flights, taking into account the technical compatibility of their aircraft with these guidelines.  The guidelines are therefore merely the formal framework for a longer process which is described below.  The airline must first determine in what phases of the flight the use of PEDs on its aircraft is safe.  This is followed by the preparation of eventual additional procedures to reduce risk (e.g. take-off or landing in foggy weather or in the case of a suspicion that PEDs may have an undesired effect on the aircraft's systems).  Before the airline can permit passengers to use PEDs aboard its aircraft, it is required to obtain a certificate for the use of PEDs from the competent aviation authority. In our case the competent authority is the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

Aviation safety expert Capt. Damjan Otoničar: "At Adria Airways the first part of the process is already under way, meaning that we are in the process of assessing the technical compatibility of our aircraft in terms of the new EASA guidelines.  Safety rules in connection with the use of PEDs aboard Adria Airways aircraft will remain unchanged until the conclusion of the procedure. Ensuring safety is Adria's priority. Passengers must therefore consistently follow the instructions of the cabin crew aboard the aircraft."